Ronald Lorde

RL 2S8A5652

Dear Residents of St Philip South:

My name is Ronald Lorde and I am honoured that you would consider me to be your representative in Parliament.

I was born, grew up and currently reside and work in this constituency.  I am concerned about the increasing levels of crime, including break-ins and car thefts.  I am also concerned about the limited support for small-farmers, the poor access to some communities, and the limited job opportunities.

Many of these issues are not peculiar to us in St Philip South, but to Barbados generally. However, we are simply reminded of them every five years, but no effective solutions are implemented.

I have over 2 decades of experience as a businessman, and I believe that my experience has prepared me to solve problems both in our constituency and nationally.  I pledge to you I will faithfully represent your concerns.

Best regards,



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