Irvin Belgrave

IB 2S8A5640

Dear Residents of Christ Church West:

My name is Irvin Belgrave and I am honoured that you would consider me to be your representative in Parliament.  I am also thankful that SOLUTIONS BARBADOS is running a godly group of candidates.

Many have hoped for change, only to be disappointed after each election.  For too long you have not had a voice in the discussion of your affairs.  I pledge to you that I will faithfully represent you and your interests.

My experience is varied, having lived, studied and worked overseas, worked for over thirty years in the Public Service in Barbados, and established a small business.  I have lived in Christ Church West and am well-aware of the main problems challenging this constituency.

I will aim to: increase employment opportunities, eradicate poverty, root out crime, enhance community cohesiveness, contribute to the tourism product, and make Christ Church West very prominent in rebuilding the good name of Barbados. So, please remember the name Irvin Belgrave on election day.

I believe that righteousness exalts (elevates) a nation.  There was a time when Barbados was viewed favourably by every country in the Caribbean. We have fallen from that lofty status, but with your help, we can regain it.

Best regards,




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