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How We Got Here.

Every election, political parties try to out-promise each-other, because they have learnt that Barbadians will vote for the most expensive promises – without questioning their costs.  When you review the manifestos this time, please bear in mind that the national credit card has been maxxed out, and defaulted on paying our debts.  That is why we are under the management of the Bank – the International Monetary Fund or IMF.

The IMF warned us that we should never borrow more than 40% of what we produce annually, which is called the Gross Domestic Product or GDP.  If we did, then repaying that debt would be very painful for Barbadians to repay – with layoffs and high-taxes being becoming intolerable.

The last BLP administration (under Prime Minister Arthur) unnecessarily took Barbadians from the safety of 30% GDP debt, to a highly irresponsible 90% GDP debt.  Rather than apologize to us for this recklessness, they tell us that we should be grateful and celebrate their great economic brilliance of spending our children’s money.

The last DLP administration (under Prime Minister Stuart) promised to pull Barbados back from the brink of foreseen economic ruin.  Instead, they pushed our debts to over 150% of GDP, to make Barbados one of the most indebted nations on this planet.  Whatever plan they had, evidently did not work.

The current BLP administration (under Prime Minister Mottley) has not fared any better.  First, they defaulted on our foreign loans and surrendered Barbados to the IMF – when they did not need to.  Then they confiscated part of our pensions and retirement savings, and do not plan to release all of the remainder until the year 2033.  Despite this, the debt is still around 150% GDP.

Solutions Barbados Economic Recovery Plan

Seven years ago, we published our economic and social plans on Solutions Barbados.com for the public to examine.  Our 4-point economic recovery plan comprises: (i) lowering taxes, (ii) improving the management of government services, (iii) depoliticising the public service, and (iv) eliminating corruption.  All of these are proven to improve a national economy.

Our policies were costed and independently reviewed by a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados, who noted that our assumptions were “ultra-conservative”, and that we can run a surplus in our first year without laying off a single public worker or reducing their salary.  We can do this while eliminating VAT, and without requiring any external funding.  He recommended that the other parties who wanted to go to the IMF, needed to look at our plan to avoid that certain austerity.  The BLP and DLP would not.

2018 General Election.

We participated in the 2018 general election, running 28 Candidates (out of a possible 30).  Of the nine political parties that participated, we came in third (by vote count).  If we had proportional representation, Solutions Barbados would have at least one person in the House of Assembly.

2022 General Election.

In the 2022 election, we ran 11 candidates, and endorsing several others.  By having 10 or more Candidates, we were allowed one 15-minute election broadcast to make our closing arguments.  You may click on the link below to view our broadcast:

Solutions Barbados Election Broadcast (2022) by Grenville Philips II.

Solutions Barbados 2022 General Election Candidates

Solutions’ Barbados candidates all love and fear God.  They are highly competent, capable, and experienced persons who work, and are paid for what they do.  They are all Wealth Creators, and can be trusted to manage Barbados a lot better than what we have had before.  Actually, I could not image that Barbados’ economy could be managed any worse, but both the BLP and DLP kept proving me wrong.  Unfortunately, for us all, that was not a joke.

We have 11 Candidates in the 2022 snap election.  You may learn about them on our Candidates page.

Constituency Candidate Description
St Andrew Jacqueline Alleyne Wealth Creator
Bridgetown Fallon Best Wealth Creator
St Michael Central Robert Toussaint Wealth Creator
St Michael West-Central Angela Edey Cosmetologist
St Michael South Patricia Cox Wealth Creator
St Michael West Victorine Wilson Wealth Creator
Christ Church West Central Kenneth Lewis Wealth Creator
Christ Church East Susan Corbin Wealth Creator
St Philip South Ronald Lorde Wealth Creator
St Philip West Karina Goodridge Wealth Creator

Critical New Policies

There are two critical things that will impact all Barbadians going forward.  They are (i) justifying taking consent, and (ii) formally establishing spiritual thrones for “spiritual entities” over Barbados.  They are described in two Solutions Barbados policies below.

REPUBLIC:  Public consent will be obtained with a referendum.

In 1966, Errol Barrow (who fought in World War II) asked the people for their consent before making us an Independent country.  The people gave their consent in the 1966 General Election, and we became a fully independent and sovereign nation.  We could get rid of any vestiges of colonialism we wished – and we did.

In 2005, the last BLP administration passed the Referendum Act, and promised Barbadians that they would get our consent with a referendum, before making Barbados a Republic.

On 15th September 2020, the BLP administration announced that Barbados would become a Republic by our 55th year of Independence in 2021.  The following day, the Queen stated that becoming a Republic was “a matter for the government and people of Barbados”.  The following day, the Government told the international media that Barbadians gave their consent in the 2018 General Election, since it was in the BLP Manifesto.  Since then, the international media, including the popular National Geographic, have erroneously reported that the BLP “campaigned on republicanism” in 2018.

The truth is that there is no mention of any plan to make Barbados a Republic in the BLP’s 2018 Manifesto, and it was not a campaign issue in 2018.  Every Barbadian knows that we did not give our consent in 2018, but like family members ashamed of some embarrassing family secret, we are told to just shut up and accept it.

Taking consent from someone is something that should never be tolerated or justified in Barbados.  This blatant violation of Barbadians’ dignity must be corrected.  Therefore, within three months of the first sitting of Parliament, Solutions Barbados will allow Barbadians to give their consent, or not, in a referendum, after a fair discussion of both sides of this issue.

CHARTER OF BARBADOS:  The supremacy and blessings of God must be maintained in Barbados.

Barbadians are normally tolerant of all religious groups.  Any person or group could worship whatever they want in Barbados without persecution or discrimination.  But as an Independent and sovereign nation, we made it clear that the majority acknowledged the supremacy of God.

Since our Independence, God has blessed us – all of us.  His blessings fall on the just and the unjust – because we have enthroned Him as our God.  In a hurricane prone region, we depend on His providential care.

Adult Barbadians have proven that it does not matter how dark the proverbial tunnel appears, things just have a habit of working out in Barbados.  It happened so consistently that we claimed that God was a Bajan.

On 24 November 2021, our Parliament passed a new ‘Charter of Barbados’ for the new Republic.  The Charter does not acknowledge the supremacy of God, but instead appreciates thevalue added of all spiritual entities, and their continuing capacity to have a strong and lasting influence on the quality of life in Barbados.”

We acknowledge the value of all faith communities in Barbados.  But we do not acknowledge the things that they worship, or give such things formal altars or thrones over Barbados.  God does not bless a country for the citizens to ascribe those blessings to others.  He said that He does not share His glory or His praise.

We need God’s blessings and providential care – some desperately depend of them.  Why put them at unnecessary risk?  Therefore, the Charter will be revoked at our first sitting in Parliament.

Solutions Barbados Endorsed Candidates

Solutions Barbados is endorsing the following candidates, who have agreed to revoke the Charter, and allow Barbadians to give their consent on becoming a Republic.

St George North – Melissa Taitt

St Joseph – Antonio Gittens

St Thomas – Philip Catlyn

St James Central – Joseph Jordan

St Michael South-East – Patrick Tannis

Christ Church West – Andrew Cave

Christ Church South – Donald Leacock

St Philip North – Omar Smith

Providing a competent alternative for Barbados – for the Next General Election

If you love Barbados, acknowledge the guidance of God, and have demonstrated competence in any area, then we want you and Barbados needs you. We would like you to consider being a Solutions Barbados candidate in the next General Election.  This will finally give voters a competent alternative, to those whose only solution is severe austerity (or mass public suffering) for the public.

The door is now open to you.  You may send us a message.

Contact Grenville Phillips II at: NextParty246@gmail.com

Before you contact us, please do the following.

  1. Read our Solutions on the Policy Solutions page.
  2. Review the Presentation justifying the need for a third established Party.
  3. Read Harold Hoyte’s book: “Eyewitness to Order and Disorder”.
  4. Talk to your family and put your house in order.

Why Us?

At the time of our independence, we had a merit based well-managed civil service, and were perhaps the most likely of all nations to succeed.  We then squandered that legacy by politicizing our civil service, resulting in the typically poor-managed services to which we must learn to adapt.

After decades of lobbying for improvements, it has become clear that lobbying is the least effective method for change for those who are not politically connected.  Therefore, we developed workable solutions, assembled a group of 28 leaders to implement them and participated in the 2018 General Election.  Of the 11 political parties who participated, we gained the third highest votes.

We started Solutions Barbados and published this site on 1 July 2015.  This was after the former Prime Minister noted that only those in the political trenches had standing to offer the government any advice on the economy.

A summary of our main solutions is described on our Policy Solutions page.  They are designed to address the main problems hindering Barbados’, and therefore your development.  You are encouraged to comment, and we will happily engage you in discussions of how they may be improved.  The improved solutions will become our promises to you.  Our weekly column in Barbados Today, solutions to topical issues, and notices about public events are provided on our Blogs and Notices page.

Our Guiding Principle

Our guiding principle is to provide an environment where all Barbadian citizens and residents can become healthy, prosperous and educated if they choose to, without being in-favour with any political party.  Our Solutions are designed to accomplish this.

Performance of the Two Established Political Parties

Despite their failings, we should count ourselves very fortunate that we have been led by persons who seemed to genuinely care about Barbados.  Therefore, both political parties should be thanked for their past service.  However, we should be under no illusion that it takes any special competence to spend borrowed money.  As a country, we are very deep in debt, and useful unsolicited advice appears to have been ignored as we plan to go further into debt.

One political leader recently revealed that only those in the political trenches had the right to have their advice on national issues considered.  Since we did not plan to stop offering unsolicited advice, and had no desire to engage in futile exercises, then we had no choice but to reluctantly enter the political trench.  At that time, we promised that if the Government or Opposition parties considered our solutions, then we would leave the trench as quickly as we entered it.  Since they chose not to even discuss our solutions, we plan to implement them ourselves to the benefit of Barbados.

The Greatest Obstacle to Change

The greatest obstacle to improvement lies within you, the reader – the voter.  This obstacle is the fear of change.  People would rather stay with what they know, regardless of how incompetent, than with what they do not know.  Hopefully, after reading our Policy Solutions, you will at least know what we support, and to what we object.

It has been said that good managers try to do their best with the resources available to them, while leaders change the environment to allow for better management.  We intend to lead.

We invite you to: share this web-site by including a link on your Facebook or other social media page, inform your friends, family and colleagues about Solutions Barbados, and follow us on this web-site in order to be notified of any updates.

If you need any additional information about Solutions Barbados, then please review, or post your question on our Frequently Asked Question’s page.  A description of our Candidates is provided on our Candidates page.

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Thank you for visiting and best regards.

Grenville Phillips II

Founder, Solutions Barbados.