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We are a group of men and women who love Barbados, treasure our reputations, and plan to offer ourselves as candidates in the next general election in order to give Barbadians a competent alternative.  While we have twenty-seven candidates, we need three more – hence, the following.


Accomplished men and women of demonstrated integrity and leadership, who love Barbados, treasure their reputations, and are willing to present themselves as candidates in the next general election in order to give Barbadians a competent alternative.  Prospective candidates must not view politics as a career, but as a brief time of exemplary national service.

If you love Barbados, acknowledge the guidance of God, and have demonstrated competence in any area, then we want you and Barbados needs you. We would like you to consider being a Solutions Barbados candidate in the upcoming general election, to finally give voters a competent alternative to those who have brought us to the brink of economic ruin.

The door is now open to you – send me a message.

Contact Grenville Phillips II at: NextParty246@gmail.com

Before you contact us, please do the following.

  1. Read our Solutions on the Policy Solutions page.
  2. Review the Presentation justifying the need for a third established Party.
  3. Read Harold Hoyte’s book: “Eyewitness to Order and Disorder”.
  4. Talk to your family and put your house in order.

At the time of our independence, we had a merit based well-managed civil service, and were perhaps the most likely of all nations to succeed.  We then squandered that legacy by politicizing our civil service, resulting in the typically poor-managed services to which we must learn to adapt.  After decades of lobbying for improvements, it has become clear that lobbying is the most ineffective method for change for those not politically connected.  Therefore, we have developed workable solutions and are assembling a group of 30 leaders to implement them after the next general election.

We started Solutions Barbados and published this site on 1 July 2015.  A summary of our main solutions is described on our Policy Solutions page.  They are designed to address the main problems hindering Barbados’, and therefore your development.  You are encouraged to comment, and we will happily engage you in discussions of how they may be improved.  The improved solutions will become our promises to you.  Our weekly column in Barbados Today, solutions to topical issues and notices about public events are provided on our Blogs and Notices page.

Our Guiding Principle

Our guiding principle is to provide an environment where all Barbadian citizens and residents can become healthy, prosperous and educated if they choose to, without being in-favour with any political party.  Our Solutions are designed to accomplish this.

Current Main Political Parties

Despite their failings, we should count ourselves very fortunate that we have been led by persons who seemed to genuinely care about Barbados.  Therefore, both political parties should be thanked for their past service.  However, we should be under no illusion that it takes any special competence to spend borrowed money.  As a country, we are very deep in debt, and useful unsolicited advice appears to have been ignored as we plan to go further into debt.

One political leader recently revealed that only those in the political trenches had the right to have their advice on national issues considered.  Since we did not plan to stop offering unsolicited advice, and had no desire to engage in futile exercises, then we had no choice but to reluctantly enter the political trench.  At that time, we promised that if the Government or Opposition parties considered our solutions, then we would leave the trench as quickly as we entered it.  Since they chose not to even discuss our solutions, we plan to implement them ourselves to the benefit of Barbados.

Improving Barbados

The greatest obstacle to improvement lies within you, the reader – the voter.  This obstacle is the fear of change.  People would rather stay with what they know, regardless of how incompetent, than with what they do not know.  Hopefully, after reading our Policy Solutions, you will at least know what we support, and to what we object.

It has been said that good managers try to do their best with the resources available to them, while leaders change the environment to allow for better management.  We intend to lead.

We invite you to: share this web-site by including a link on your Facebook or other social media page, inform your friends, family and colleagues about Solutions Barbados, and follow us on this web-site in order to be notified of any updates.

If you need any additional information about Solutions Barbados, then please review, or post your question on our Frequently Asked Question’s page.  A description of our Candidates is provided on our Candidates page.

Due to the charging of individuals for breaching the Computer Misuse Act (section 14) and the Defamation Act, we must reduce the risk of this inconvenience by reviewing all comments for compliance.  You can help us by not speaking disparagingly about people.  Please note that all favourable and unfavourable comments will be posted, but any defamatory information will be redacted.  We apologise in advance for any delayed comments.

Thank you for visiting and best regards.

Grenville Phillips II

Founder, Solutions Barbados.

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  1. This is refreshing. Much needed for Barbados right now. I don’t intend to sit around and watch, I will get involved. I want to be as much help to the movement as possible. I will read the book and I will get my house in order!

      • I don’t mind having or dealing with a third party but it must be away from the normal shite that going on now with the deafening silence and contempt of the educated people of my country. Where no word on what is due to you but government demanding what’s their’s .I will start with that

    • From the first year I could vote.. I have been proud to do so but for the first time ever I was so down trodden and disillusioned regarding the state of affairs in this country that I considered given up my right and not voting, however after coming across this page and this political group I feel like I too can begin to put my house in order and begin towards a new day coming in this country…. Looking forward to unbroken promises, feasible and realistic goals / deliverable and a clean campaigning.

  2. Dear Sir,
    for sometime now I have been wondering when will someone in Barbados step up, now you have.
    I’ll be looking out for any further information, upcoming meetings where I can see what you’re about going forward.

    Good luck, all the best.


    • Hi Whitehill:

      We will accept any invitation to speak at any venue. We will publicize any scheduled speaking engagements on this website. If you ‘follow’ us, you should be notified.

      Best regards,

  3. hello to you in respects to a new party we need true governance not another party/pack of politicians be advise we need JUSTICE then judgment base on truth and righteousness, integrity and freedom of information enforcement of law and the rule of true GOVERNANCE …..magna carta!!!!!!

  4. Only yesterday I was lamenting the need for a third political party to contest the next general elections, and to open the Barbados Today, this morning to read that such a party has been formed. This has to be providence!

    I like what I had read so far and looking forward to further “divulgences.” I wish the party well as it will not be an easy undertaking.

    Prospective member.

  5. I am a Bajan living abroad since 1980, and I have been encouraging my contacts back home to find somone to start a third viable party.

    So congratulations, and I very much respect the fact that you are dealing with prospective candidates on a realistic level – you have my best wishes.

    As a national I have the greatest hopes for my home country, which has forever been ravaged by one bunch of incomepetent and greedy politicians or the other. Best of luck, you have my support (now don’t screw it up!!).

    Jim Lynch

  6. I think it is a wonderful idea..I unfortunately do not live in Barbados.. Both parties are shameful. .and it disgust me and many of my Bajan friends how our beautiful Island is being run. .by a bunch if inadequate, inarticulate men..why aren’t they cleaning our beaches of that sea moss and use it as fertiliser. .
    I could rant on here for ever

    I would love to be a part of this new party and hopefully you will all behave with dignity and intelligence. .rather than a bunch of yard fowls in a cock fight. .
    good luck with all your good intentions and please get some respected white people on board


    • Dear Linda:

      I believe that the Government is using the seaweed as fertilizer. However, they were overwhelmed by the volume of seaweed that accumulated on the beaches. Clearly their response is significantly below what is required.

      Accomplished Barbadians of all races are encouraged to join us as potential candidates.

      Best regards,

      • To provide good governance, political aspirants…members of any new political party aspiring to form a government…must assure the people that, from its inception, great emphasis will be placed upon INTEGRITY,TRANSPARENCY,ACCOUNTABILITY AND FREEDOM OF INFORMATION. They must also assure that the PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE will be allowed to operate unfettered and unhindered, and that its findings and recommendations will be taken seriously. Wherever there are proven acts of bribery, nepotism, corruption and abuse of the public purse, severe and heavy penalties must be meted out to those found guilty of such.

  7. Twice you have indicated in your Welcome that you do [not] intend to be a permanent factor in the political arena of Bdos nor should your candidates. How can i take you seriously then, when it seems like you will abandon the fort if what you will consider as success in not achieved in short order?

    • Dear Cedric:

      We expect that we can make the structural changes that are necessary in order to properly manage every social service in Barbados in one or at the most, 2 terms. After that, others can maintain or advance it further. If we are not successful in getting elected, and if the ruling administration does not change course, then the middle class in Barbados will likely be decimated – much like how Guyana’s was.

  8. Hello to all.

    Indeed this is a great move, i compliment and congratulate you all for taking this challenge. However, i shall be coming out of the shadows with my guns firing (guns firing, is a figure of speech). I shall not waste my time reading Mr. Hoyte’s book, i will however, spend a great deal of time reading “Solutions Barbados” battle plans.

    The document or, read that should be expressed, is the “Constitution of Barbados”, that contract that the representative of the “People” violate consistently, needs to be addressed. Our representatives from Senators to Members of Parliament to our Judiciary, are gross violators of the Barbados Constitution, a contract that is there to protect the rights we as a peoples, were born with, inalienable as well as unalienable rights. Our system or, Jurisdiction is a Common Law Jurisdiction, meaning, it starts from the bottom up, and, it states that:

    Chapter I

    1. “This Constitution is the supreme law of Barbados and, subject to the provisions of this
    Constitution, if any other law (emphasis on “if any other law”) is inconsistent with this
    Constitution, this Constitution shall prevail and the other law shall, to the extent of the
    inconsistency, be void”.

    I would also state that, the second most important to the Barbados Constitution, is Chapter III, all those who are on this site, and is willing to follow and be a part of the necessary changes needed, expressed by this “Solutions Barbados Party”, i suggest that you learn these chapters well, then move on to the other chapters of the Barbados Constitution, i say this because, you first need to know that contract that protects your natural born rights, the other chapters express how this State or, Country or, Island is suppose to function. They are parts of this said very Constitution that needs amending, like, this wait of an Administration’s five years before you can remove them, that has to go, we who put you there to look after our interest locally, regionally and, internationally, shall no longer be convicts, waiting for you to release us as if we committed crimes, not at all, you messing up, once the people are satisfied, we move to keep you or, remove you, party or, individual. No one should exempt from prosecution, Minister, Judge or else, you commit a crime, you face the courts like everyone else. How is it that we put you there, we break the law, we face the courts, you break the law, you get a free pass, what, did we put you there to violate us ??? NO.

    We need to reestablish our National Bank, the Central Bank is not ours, we don’t control it, we don’t make the financial rules with respect to our economy, it is done the B.I.S., not to prove whether or not this party is going to be like the others or, actually set out to make changes, tell the people on this page, what B.I.S. stands for. Importers, a big problem, we spend plenty of the reserve currency on imports, okay, that can’t be helped, but, this amount of foreign capital we spend on items that a vast majority can be produced and processed here, is out of order.

    Right Knowledge.
    Pardon any typos.

      • nextparty246:

        Thank you for your responses. I would like you to address the rest of my comment. No exemption from prosecution for no one, reestablishment of our National Bank e.t.c.


      • Dear RK:

        1. Our Policies (item 3.4 & 3.5) address how we plan to address corruption and there will be no exemptions. The statute of limitations will be amended to be the date of Barbados’ independence.

        2. Our Policies (item 9.2) address the new Barbados National Bank, with branches at all post offices.

        Best regards,

  9. 1 March 2016 at 12:41 am Pieter Pieper: On this date and time, a comment was made on this page, i see however that, no one can reply to it, you were able to but, no one else, why is that ?

    • Hi RK:

      The PAC is too politicized to be effective – as its history has shown. Investigations of corruption should be performed by an independent body (like the auditor general’s office) and provided with prosecutorial support.

      Best regards,

  10. There is nothing refreshing about this whatsoever. It actually horrifying, reminds me of donald trump or Ben Carson. More like ben carson to be honest. The last thing barbados needs is a religions nut job. Sir, can you tell the public your (honest) views on the nature of reality. If they are what i think they are, you sir, are unfit to run a country.

    Thanks for listening

    • Dear Anon:

      Please identify what is horrifying about it? Also, what do you mean by the “nature of reality”, and how it can disqualify a person from managing national affairs?

      Best regards,

  11. I support you and all the others that want a better Barbados, BLP Can’t tell the DLP nothing, both holding secrets, and playing games with people’s life. I want Jail time for xxxx [Redacted by Moderator] and all those corrupted Politicians, It started from Him, They all must pay for their wrong doings.

    • Dear Michael:

      There is no evidence whatsoever that any politician in Barbados was or is corrupt, or has done ‘wrong things’ remotely worthy of any type of criminal or civil prosecution. They were simply doing their best. But their best has placed us in an unsustainable debt situation, and now they feel entitled to remain at the proverbial wheel until the bitter end – that is, bitter for us.

      Best regards,

  12. Grenville, I and others concluded you all in the same club, you seems not to know whats going on, Sorry you not a serious, what happen to the land in six men, what happen to changing land zone, it’s what in it for them, giving away citizens land for a dollar, If you cant change the laws for politician, keep away

  13. It is unfortunate that Mr. Anonymous presented such vague comments and has determined that Solutions Barbados should stay away from politics.
    May I ask, So that incompetence, unaccountability and downright bad management of country Barbados should continue ad naseum ?
    Barbados will get a third party to run candidates in every constituency with the help of Almighty intervention if necessary

    • Dear Michael:

      Thank you for your comments. If you know any responsible employers (the type and size of business does not matter), then please ask them to read our policy solutions, and if they are in agreement, contact us. We need 16 more candidates.

      Best regards,

  14. You are limiting potential candidates when you are only inviting “employers” to participate. There are qualified individuals who are not “employers” who could be excellent candidates. What Barbados needs is candidates who dont see the government as their own check book and retirement fund.

    • Dear GH:

      You have identified the magnet that appears to draw individuals into politics – the lifetime pension arrangement. You may have read that we plan to abolish that entitlement.

      On the “excellent candidate” remark, the most prepared candidate is likely to be a person who had a business idea and then risked his/her own money in testing it in the marketplace. After several failures, they would have modified the product and/or its delivery until they were making a profit and could afford to employ others. Managing at least 10 employees for a decade in Barbados’ regulatory environment should be adequate training to properly manage the national economy.

      We may get a brilliant employee, but they will still have to learn ‘on-the-job’ – a luxury which Barbados can ill afford at the current rate of debt accumulation. Barbados desperately needs people who have run successful businesses to manage the national economy at this time.

      Best regards,

  15. I have no problem with business persons entering the political arena, however they must have integrity and a genuine love for people and the wellbeing of this nation. Leading a country is by no means an easy task and the idea of fresh minds is welcoming one. Will this be a situation of over promising and under-delivering is left to be seen. I wish Solutions Barbados the best of luck in the next general elections.

    • Dear Troy:

      We are looking for both successful and caring employers. A successful employer runs a profitable business. A caring employer is willing to take reduced profits in order to maintain his/her employees during economically challenging times.

      Best regards,

  16. What are your ideological path? Clearly capitalism not working because the parties in office have to lie way too much.

    • Dear Socialist:

      Capitalism appears to work when there is fair Government regulation of the market. It does not work when Government regulates the market unfairly. Unfair regulation occurs when Government selectively enforces regulations in order to reward favoured businesses and penalise the favoured businesses’ competitors.

      Best regards,

  17. Thanks to David Comissiong, there is a greater awareness of this new prospective party today. I certainly would fully support it once I see who are the candidates and agree that they are indeed “accomplished men and women of demonstrated integrity and leadership” involved. I can certainly think of a few that I hope would come forward …

    • Dear Penny:

      David Comissiong’s does not believe that persons who obtain long-term no-bid contracts from the Government, that force taxpayers to pay them annual multimillion payments, should be Solutions Barbados candidates. Neither do we.

      David reportedly told Barbados TODAY that placing the country’s affairs exclusively in the hands of the merchant class would spell “the greatest potential to bankrupt and destroy” the nation. This assertion needs to be challenged.

      Barbados and many other Caribbean countries have accumulated irresponsible and unsustainable debts which will likely bankrupt them. What was the typical politician profile that brought Caribbean countries to the brink of financial ruin? Was it employers? No. It was single professionals. Based on this evidence, David should be railing against political parties that select single professionals as their candidates.

      Why have these single professionals so mismanaged national economies? The reason appears to be that single professionals are simply not properly prepared to manage a national economy. Why not? Because not all popular ideas are workable.

      Caribbean countries are in dire economic trouble because of popular, but unworkable ideas that have sabotaged their economies. Given the real and dire consequences of testing unworkable ideas on a national economy, it would appear that the main qualification needed to manage a national economy is to understand, by experience, how a local economy works.

      Starting and growing a business appears to be the ideal training ground for managing a national economy. This is because employers are ably positioned to test their ideas in the market place, and learn, by trial and error, what works under specific conditions, and what does not work under any conditions in the Barbados, Caribbean and international regulatory environments.

      David erroneously lumped “employers” into the “merchant class”. This is unfortunate. It is important to note that employers include: engineers (like myself), doctors, lawyers, contractors, accountants, merchants, hair dressers, landscapers, barbers, dentists, musicians, dramatists, economists, coconut vendors, and every other professional and non-professional person who took the risks of starting their own business and employing others. This is not the merchant class.

      Best regards,

  18. Reputations and respectability are two different words and two different things. What Barbados needs are men/women who treasure their respectability. Not once did I see the word ‘moral’ in your blog. What will be the moral compass of this new political group? How will women and children benefit and be put first? Will you promise a Sex Offender Registry? What about the children? What about your women? What is your moral compass with regard to these things?

    • Dear ND:

      My initial thoughts are that reputations are within our control – we can enhance or damage our reputations by our words and actions. However, others may respect us or not respect us depending on whether they like us or agree with us. Jesus had a high reputation even among His enemies, but he was respected by his friends and not respected by his enemies.

      I think that politicians in parliament can damage their reputations by their words. However, their respectability remains intact in the opinions of their followers and opponents.

      On Our moral compass, we wrote the following: “Our guiding principle is to provide an environment where all Barbadian citizens and residents can become healthy, wealthy and wise if they choose to. Our Solutions are designed to accomplish this.” (Solutions Barbados/Home)

      So what informs this principle? For me, it is Jesus’ directive to demonstrate our love for God by demonstrably loving others, actively caring for and defending the weak, and helping those who have stumbled.

      Men, women and children should benefit from our policies. However, we have not deliberately assessed how each policy will affect each gender. Thank you for prompting us to do this analysis. If it reveals an inequitable result, then we will amend it accordingly. We will place our results on this thread for your review before updating the specific policy.

      A Sex Offender registry requires some discussion. My current position is that once someone has completed their full sentence, then they have paid their debt in full. However, if they were released before serving their full sentence (paroled for good behaviour, mercy committee, etc), then they should be named on a relevant register (sex offender, theft, fraud, etc) until the end date of their original sentence.

      Best regards,

      • How would you know that at the end of serving a sentence the offender is rehabilitated and have no intention of committing sexual abuse offences to minors? Sounds me to be a shallow analysis since you are equating time serve as proof of change for not going the way of a sex offenders registry. A sex offenders list is basically a red flag alert with a two way warning system. It warns society of the offence of the abuser and warns the abuser that since he is a registered sex offender, a resurgence of any such act would warrant far greater penalisation for a repeat offences or offences. Barbados has its fair share of sexual offences with catastrophic consequences for the woman involved. A sex offenders list does not need further discussion if the situation of sexual abuse is overwhelming.

  19. And most blessed evening to you and the candidates already declared. I have felt for several years what you and your members feel currently.

    We need real change, not from brother to sister. I’m with you totally and will contribute to your campaign, development and national identity in anyway I can. Together we can.

    • Hello Greengiant, I just came across your comment and wondered if you were ever able to get involved with our campaign and if not, whether that is something that still interests you. I am the SB candidate for St Michael South Central and would love to hear from you and to explore how you can help us go forward and win this election on behalf of our fellow Barbadians.

  20. The fundamental errors that successive administrations have made is unqualified individuals given the authority to make decisions on behalf of the electorate.
    Look at the ministeries and the professional core abilities of the minister and ask yourself how someone who has never managed a successful hotel can run a tourism ministry, how someone who has never been owned a transportation Co or developer lands can be the minister of works
    A farming specialist should be minister of agriculture
    a Doctor Minister of Health and someone who has run a large company international business Prime Minister a quick decision maker…we lost the ARC and now about to lose international interest because of Hyatt…there is nothing here tiger about Bridgetown rat infested, delapitated and derilect buildings.
    We need casinos in major hotels with foreign currency used to game.
    The church and the congregation who don’t gamble should have nothing to say about a hotel service that could employ hundreds and reduce the islands deficit…
    Offer more Attorneys judgeships and get the backlog case attended to with night court..

    the best thing we can do as a non self sufficient island is implement the use the US currency as our own legal tender we are a tourism island that relies on foreign currency as our own currency isn’t accepted by international and regional suppliers of services and merchandise.
    Our ports should be privatized and public transportation tendered as well.
    CBC is an obsolete service that is a burden on public funds and the Harrison’s Cave should be in the hands of a tourism operator not the public paying $30,000 per day to keep people employed.
    Marijuana for personal use should not be a custody offence when held the user should be given the opportunity to destroy it in the presence of the police officer.
    Traffic controlled by alternate day odd and even
    Registration numbers or more than 3 persons in the car 7am-10am and 4pm-6pm
    Illegal guns with bullets 10 years minimum ..or reduced by one year for every new individual identified with an illegal gun. 10 indentified equals 1 year or to a point the system will take 100 guns minimum and carriers in jail for 1 year, just on the arrest of 1 gun carrier..

  21. “We envisage a world in which people live and prosper in a way that protects, restores, and heals the natural systems of our planet.” 
    Dr. Colin Campbell, Sierra Club BC’s Science Advisor 

    We shouldn’t allow budgets and new cars to define us or our dreams.

  22. I posted this response to your solutions article. Barbados Today won’t allow ,I am putting it here for your consideration since your tax proposal is making sense

    Sunshine Sunny Shine
    July 1, 2017 at 9:53 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    It makes a whole lot of sense to go that route, Solutions Party. This is done in a few big name industrial countries in the European Union, although the tax percentage is far higher. I would say increase that percentage between a range set of 5- 25% to accommodate a special tax classification system. Then, eliminate the taxes on all imported foods, and reduced taxes significantly on particular consumer goods (namely fridges, stoves, furnishes, and various electronic items). This will ensure that some affordability is realise in reducing the high cost of living associated with the ridiculous inflation rates that has always been Barbados’ present day reality. As to the classification system, establish structure taxation systems base on a sensible system. For instance,

    Classification 1 – For all non married persons 25% tax deduction on all income earned.

    Classification 2 – Single working mothers with children 8% tax deduction on income earned. ( For each child the state will provide a child benefit support of $200 for the first and $150 for each child thereafter up to the age of 18. This benefit will only be provided for a maximum of three children and will apply to single fathers with children as well.)

    Classification 3 – For all married persons 6.5% tax deduction on incomes earned. (For each child between the married couple the state will provide a child benefit support of $200.00 for the first and 175.00 for each child thereafter up to the age of 18. This benefit will only be provided for a maximum of three children. Where in the marriage situation only one parent is working the tax will be revised on the amount of income earned to be placed in a special circumstances tax bracket constituting a rate of 2% tax deductible earnings or remain at the stipulated 5% if the earnings are greater than an establish salary earning bracket.)

    Classification 4 – Special circumstances taxation where the rates can range from 2% to 25% of salary earned, base on what effects.

    Will stop here for now so that yard fowls can scratch their grain and cackle their loyalties. Solutions Party, do not be distracted by the nitwits talking shyte. You are making a whole lot of sense, while the others are only interested in keeping their nests well feathered.

  23. Barbadians are so accustomed to being lied to and exploited that they are having a hard time accepting your proposals. Be that as it may, I welcome the innovative and out the box thinking by your party. Most of these obstructionist and objectors are probably the beneficiaries of the current system so you can’t expect any open mindedness from them but I want to encourage your party to keep the ideas and dialog flowing. By the way, China can erect a 32 story building in 14 days, the Americans want to colonize Mars, you have self-driving cars in operation and 3D printing will surely revolutionize how products are produced, and we this part of the Atlantic can’t wrap our colonial brains around your very simplistic yet powerful concepts in managing a 2×2 island economy. You have companies that earn 100’s more revenue than the B’dos economy and they are being managed by a simple board of directors and a CEO. Yet we got all these so call educated ministers that can’t or don’t want to solve the ZR problem, productivity problem, gun violence problem, our burgeoning debt problem….. No damn accountability, no damn transparency in this country, Auditor General Report suggests blatant indifference for our laws by government officials who are not held accountable. We NEED a solutions Barbados.

  24. Hi Grenville,
    Would Barbados benefit from a third party, or the creation of a proactive independent board of of inquiry, who’s sole job is to monitor the activities of the finances, professionalism, and integrity, e.t.c. of the current or future governments. After 27 years in Barbados as with most small nations no-one is held accountable. In fear of reprisals everyone keeps quiet, or effectively “waiting for their turn”, in Major countries a loss of $240 million is dealt with
    1. An independent investigation
    2. The person/s are suspended from duty until it is resolved
    but in Barbados everyone is still at work, absolutely amazing. So Grenville what are you going to do to break this cycle?

  25. Blessings! On Barbados Today Berries for the Boys was inaccessible. The Alternative to Austerity timed out today. Perhaps copies can be shared for readers on your site since at present they are having problems allowing visits. Thoughtful comments extended by others have made these pages more enlightening. A pity such developmental activities as the course at Combermere could have been more widely disseminated. Rules have ceased to be observed even in our Parliament, where previously negotiated, agreed proceedings are publicly breached, not a good example.

  26. I am so impressed It is hard to put into words the joy I feel of the possibility of this party winning the elections and these things being implemented. This is what our country needs after so many years of poor governance and the growing branches of corruption. Tired of the status quo. A lot of these solution/future policies I’ve been studying for years but was unable to articulate them in this manner.

    One thing I would like to add.
    A recall election (also called a recall referendum or representative recall) is a procedure by which voters can remove an elected official from office through a direct vote before their term has ended. Recalls, which are initiated when sufficient voters sign a petition, have a history dating back to the ancient Athenian democracy [1] and are a feature of several contemporary constitutions. In indirect or representative democracy people’s representatives are elected and these representatives rule for a specific period of time. However, if any representative is not properly discharging their responsibilities, then they can be called back with the written request of specific number of voters.

    Solutions Barbados is the way forward!

  27. “If you love Barbados, acknowledge the guidance of God…”. Does your party not believe that church and state should be kept separate?

    • Hi Ray, as a matter of interest, when you follow the example of Christ, would you say Jesus kept Kingdom affairs totally separate from social concerns? Why did He heal the sick, make the blind to see and the lame to walk? Why did he feed the five thousand, turn the water into wine and told numerous parables about social situations? Why will the meek inherit, not the Kingdom, but the earth? Also would you not say one of the greatest problems with the world today is that it is not led by Godly men and women? Being a Godly person should never debar anyone from offering themselves in a position of leadership in any given situation, that’s how we are best able to disseminate the guidance of God. We love God and we love Barbados, there should be no hindrance in bringing the two together at the highest level.

  28. I have several issues with our current state:
    (1) Each party turns a blind eye to any corruption that may have occurred in the previous party’s tenure will – you do the same?
    (2) We seemed to have missed the ball with respect to the next potential frontier “harnessing the power of the internet” for government efficiency locally and facilitating international revenue generation – what do you intend to do about that?
    (3) Our legal system is totally inefficient – cases take way to long to be adjudicated – due to systemic issues What are your plans for improvement in this area?
    (4) Our educational system is not geared towards our current developmental needs – nowhere in our primary school or secondary school curriculum is entrepreneurship taught – we just arm students with certificates and send them to look for a job as opposed to create new businesses – what is your position on this issue?

    I could go on and on….each one of these issues are fixable without any great expense or pain but our recent policy makers either are unwilling or unable to address them. I sincerely hope that you just don’t speak in the usual vague generalities but that you can articulate specific measures to address the above. I would be certainly willing to assist — if you are indeed seriously committed to being truly different.

    • Hi Louis:

      1. We plan to address all corrupt practises going back to our Independence. See our Policy Solutions ref: 3.4 and 3.5 for details.

      2. The ISO 9001 quality management standard will ensure that available technology is used effectively to significantly improve efficiencies within public services.

      3. The judicial system will be managed in accordance with the international, customer-focused quality management standard, ISO 9001.

      4. We plan to re-arrange the secondary school curriculum to teach the easier-to-learn practical components of subjects during the first 3 years. Therefore, students will leave with at least one marketable skill. Each student will learn to start and grow a small business during this time. Further details are on our Policy Solutions page, section 5.

      Best regards,

  29. I like the concept and the freshness the party is bringing. I am glad to see the employers only as candidates criteria is a thing of the past as there are plenty of people in Barbados – not employers – who have good ideas, are reliable, responsible,intelligent, resourceful, leadership abilities, etc and would be great assets to any organization.

    Just because we have become accustomed to doing things the same way for many years does not mean we have to continue in that vein for life. In order to turn things around, we need courageous people in charge who are willing to put Barbados first, no matter the consequences to themselves.

    It will definitely not be an easy road for a new party in Barbados within the next few months, as people would do anything not to relinquish power and to get power.

    I think the party should continue as long as the people want it to continue whether it is elected or not and if elected it should not hand over the reigns after a short period. Hopefully in the not too distant future the landscape of politics in Barbados will be changed for the better.

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