Kenneth Lewis

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Dear Residents of Christ Church West Central:

My name is Kenneth Lewis and I am humbly honoured to be considered by you, to be your representative in Parliament, so that your voice can be heard.

Over the past 32 years I have been employed in the manufacturing sector, starting as a joiner/machinist. I then became a Supervisor in one of the largest furniture companies at the time.  I am now the owner of a small business that manufactures kitchen cabinets. I have spent some of my best and cherished years in this constituency, where my father previously lived.

I would like to restore, with your help, the constituency and Barbados we once knew – when there was peace, love, kindness, being your brother’s keeper and being able to afford daily needs to facilitate healthy living.  I am very concerned about the level of hopelessness in many of our youth, the limited job opportunities available, and the increasing levels of violence.

These issues are not peculiar to us in Christ Church West Central, but to Barbados. However, we are simply reminded of them every 5 years, but no solutions are implemented.  I pledge to you that I will faithfully represent your concerns.

We have delivered a flyer and mini-manifesto to each house in this constituency.    It may be downloaded below.

Kenneth Lewis Flyer

Best regards,


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  1. Have not seen you or hear from you, i have your flyer, but what about hearing from you , Election is next week. Seriously?

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