Angela Gibbs

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Dear Residents of St Michael North:

My name is Angela Gibbs and I am truly honoured that you would consider me to represent you.

I am a businesswoman with over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom designed clothes for children and adults, in Barbados and the Caribbean.

I was raised by a very industrious and hardworking woman who loved and served God, and taught me to do the same.  I grew up to be a very hardworking and financially independent woman who also loves God.  I serve Him by loving and serving others.  With God’s help, I have managed to live a decent life.

My love for people and the burden that I felt for their concerns led me to become an ordained Minister, which I have been for the past forty-two years, while also managing my business.  This same love and burden for people and their concerns has now led me to offer myself to represent you.

Over the past 4 decades, I have addressed individual, family and community concerns.  This seems to have prepared me for this next step.  I pledge to you that I will faithfully represent your concerns, and seek to meaningfully address the needs and concerns of this constituency.

We have delivered a flyer and mini-manifesto to each house in St Michael North.    It may be downloaded below.

A4 Flyer AG R3

Kindest regards,



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