Cherone Martindale

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Dear Residents of St John:

My name is Cherone Martindale and I am honoured that you would consider me to represent you in Parliament.

I have spent the past 19 years as an administrator, and I also manage a small business.  Being a volunteer teacher who cares deeply about our nation’s children, I plan to improve the education and welfare of our children.

As I travel around this beautiful parish and meet with families, it seems that most of St John is being neglected.  It also seems that the Christian values of sharing are being replaced with selfishness.  I am concerned that the youth do not feel that they can participate in our national economy, and that agriculture is in decline.  I am also concerned that your vote seems to be taken for granted every 5 years.  I am committed to St John, its people, and its development, and, I pledge to you that I will represent you and your interests faithfully.

We have delivered a flyer and mini-manifesto to each house in this constituency.    It may be downloaded below.

A4 Flyer CM R3

Kind regards,


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