Angela Edey

AE 2S8A4514-2

Dear Residents of St Michael West-Central:

My name is Angela Edey. I am deeply honoured to be considered by you to be your representative in Parliament.

I have been a cosmetologist for the past 33 years, and a boutique owner, which allows me to interact with people and to hear their concerns.  Many are having a difficult time paying their bills and taking care of their families. As a wife and mother, I am deeply touched when parents speak to me of the hardship that they are experiencing because of the high cost of living.

As I visit communities within St Michael West-Central, people are also concerned about the lack of job opportunities and increasing crime levels.  These things also concern me.  Unfortunately, they are normally brought up every five years during election time, but no effective solutions are implemented.  I pledge to you that I will faithfully represent you and your concerns.

Kind regards,



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