Andre Griffith

AG 2S8A4542-2

Dear Residents of St James North:

My name is Andre Griffith and I am honoured that you would consider me to be your representative in Parliament.

Let me say that help is on the way. This is not just another cliché, but an important promise that I am making to you as a fellow Bajan.  If there was ever a time when most families needed help, it is now.

I am a product of Barbados.  I have been privileged and blessed to have a God-fearing heritage in this beautiful country of ours. I have benefitted from the taxes of others to enjoy: free education up to tertiary level, world class telecommunications, clean water, highly skilled medical care, and an enviable infrastructure of services, including the tourism industry.  However, we are now so deep in debt that we are in danger of losing it all.

Fortunately help is truly on the way in the persons of candidates who care more about the well-being of Barbados than their turn at the trough.  Persons with over a decade of management experience to assist in the management of national affairs.  Persons who put God first and acknowledge His guidance in their lives.

I have been very successful in my 16-year career in computer technology, and I want every Barbadian to have the same opportunities to succeed.  I want St James North to be one of the safest places to live and work in Barbados, I pledge to the people of St James North that I will faithfully represent you and your interests.

Best regards,


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