Dear Readers:

We believe that you should have as much confidence as possible in those whom you are placing your trust to manage national affairs. It is for this reason why we plan to provide you with as much relevant information about ourselves as you may request, for rigorous scrutiny, in order to earn your trust. Our singular request is that you limit the boundaries of such scrutiny to ourselves. Thank you in advance for respecting the privacy of our families and friends.

Group Photo - Batch 1

Our Candidates are listed below.  You may click on their names to read their introduction to their constituents.

Grenville Phillips II, Structural Engineer (with 25 years of experience), to represent the people of St George North.

Andrew Banfield, Computer Software Specialist (25 years), St George South.

Robert Toussaint, Manufacturer (25 years), St Michael Central

Lana Toussaint, Accounts (26 years), St Michael West

Angela Edey, Beautician (33 years), St Michael West-Central

Betty Howell, Businesswoman and Home Manager (30 years), St Michael East

Paul Gibson, Pharmacist (25 years), St Michael South

Alan Springer, Businessman/Educator (40 years), St Michael South-Central

Francina Bourne, Para-legal officer and farmer (20 years),  St Michael South East

Angela Gibbs, Clothing designer and manufacturer (40 years), St Michael North

Kemar Stuart, Youth Advocate, St Michael North-East

Fallon Best, Businessman (15 years), Bridgetown

Leighton Greenidge, Electrical Contractor (18 years), St Philip West

Ronald Lorde, Businessman (25 years), St Philip South

Julie Chalbaud, Photographer (20 years), Christ Church South

Kenneth Lewis, Joiner (29 years), Christ Church West Central

Irvin Belgrave, Public Administrative Officer (30 years), Christ Church West

Scott Weatherhead, Chief Executive Officer (25 years), Christ Church East-Central

Ann Marie Weatherhead, General Manager/Media Director (20 years), Christ Church East

David Walrond, Businessman and teacher (17 years), St James North

Daniel Chalbaud, Contractor and Hospitality (15 years), St James Central

Cherone Martindale, Administrator (19 years), St John

Susan Corbin, Supervisor (17 years), St Thomas

Jennifer Highland, Communications and Business Development (20 years), St Joseph

Cherie Pounder, Water Resources Scientist (10 years), St Andrew

Rev John Carter, Businessman/teacher (40 years), St Lucy


2S8A4654 - Group 2

Next 6 Group

Mr Phillips was the first to expose himself to  public scrutiny. His CV is provided below.

NAME:  Grenville Phillips II



AGE:  53 years


  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, 1988
  • Diploma in Engineering, 1988
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil/Structural), 1991
  • Master of Applied Science (Environmental Engineering), 1998
  • Master of Urban and Rural Planning, 1998


  • Member, Past President, Barbados Association of Professional Engineers
  • Registered Professional Engineer in Barbados
  • Chartered Engineer (UK)
  • Fellow, Institution of Structural Engineers (UK)
  • Fellow, Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (UK)
  • Member, Association for Project Management (UK)
  • Member, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering


Mr Phillips has successfully led multidisciplinary teams with diverse and sometimes divergent goals. For most of his career, Mr Phillips was unanimously elected and re-elected where applicable to lead various organisations, including the following.

  • President of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (3 terms – 2000 to 2002) representing the diverse objectives of the different engineering disciplines, including: civil, structural, environmental, chemical, electrical, mechanical, computer, and industrial engineering.
  • Chairman – Barbados Professional Services Export Committee (2002) identifying the requirements that Barbadian professionals (of 25 professional organisations) will have to comply with in order to operate within the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), and the Government’s actions that hinder economic growth.
  • Deputy Chairman – Ministry of Economic Development Advisory Committee (2003) that advised the Minister.
  • President of the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries (2 terms – 2002 to 2004) representing the divergent interests of 35 professional and non-professional organizations, and implementing the action plans developed by the Export Committee.
  • Institution of Structural Engineers’ Representative on the team accrediting the Civil Engineering degree programme at the University of the West Indies (2004).
  • Secretary of the Institution of Structural Engineers, Caribbean Division (2 terms 2006 to 2008) representing the interests of structural engineers from all of the Caribbean islands, plus Bermuda, Belize, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname and Florida.
  • President of the Combermere School Old Scholars Association (2 terms – 2008 to 2010), representing the various interests of past and present students and staff.
  • Director – Consulting Engineers Partnership Ltd (2004 to 2011), in addition to his normal activities, he helped CEP to become the first services company in the Caribbean to achieve ISO 9001 certification in 2005, and to achieve BIDC’s Exceptional Quality award.
  • President – Walbrent College (2010 to present), training builders to construct safe and durable houses.
  • President – Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (2016-2017) representing the diverse objectives of the different engineering disciplines, including: civil, structural, environmental, chemical, electrical, mechanical, computer, and industrial engineering.


Mr Phillips has prepared and implemented competitiveness strategies and action plans at company, professional association, national and regional levels, including the following.

  • As an active Director of Consulting Engineers Partnership Ltd (CEP), Mr Phillips was acutely aware of the challenges of managing a brand with a history of approximately 50 years, while successfully competing with significantly larger multinational companies around the Caribbean. As the Director responsible for, among other things, strategic planning, the company developed increasingly more efficient and effective procedures, developed new competencies, and actively pursued strengths.
  • As President of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE), Mr Phillips studied the World Trade Organization’s General Agreement on Trade in Services in order to strategically position Barbados based engineers to compete in the global marketplace. Mr Phillips developed a Continuing Development Programme program which was subsequently adopted by BAPE and recognised by the Institution of Structural Engineers (UK). He also led from the front to become the first engineer to pass the Chartered Structural Engineer examinations in 15 years in Barbados. He then held a workshop to prepare Caribbean based engineers to take the examination – most of the workshop’s participants passed the examination that year and became chartered structural engineers.
  • As Chairman of the Barbados Professional Services Export Committee, Mr Phillips assessed: the capacity of 25 different professions in Barbados to exporting their services, the Government actions that hindered them, and the actual trade barriers in the intended markets. The actual trade barriers were identified for Canada (Toronto), the US (California and New York), and Mexico by attempting to export services to these countries.
  • As President of the Barbados Coalition of Service Providers, Mr Phillips actively facilitated the implementation of the Strategy’s action plans to increase the competitiveness of approximately 5,000 service providers through their representative organizations. As a result, he was presented with the Visionary Award by the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries in 2009.
  • Mr Phillips was one of a six-member team that prepared a comprehensive regional competitiveness strategy for the construction and installation services sector in the CARICOM region, for the Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery.
  • For over a decade Mr Phillips has represented Barbados’ service providers in numerous market access meetings in the region in preparation for the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME), the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), and the World Trade Organization’s General Agreement on Trade in Services treaties. He was also Barbados’ services representative at the United Nations’ (UNCTAD) Expert Meeting on “Trade and Development Aspects of Professional Services and Regulatory Frameworks” in Geneva in 2005.
  • Mr Phillips developed the “Regional Code of Practice for the Construction of Houses” (2005) in collaboration with the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ). He also developed an associated course for regional technical schools. Following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, he rewrote the course to address the structural engineering lessons learnt from post-2005 natural disasters around the Caribbean and common maintenance complaints.


  • Visionary Award, Barbados Coalition of Service Industries, 2009
  • Winner, National Innovation Competition, 2014


  • Regional Code of Practise for the Construction of Houses (Principal Author), 2005 – How to build a strong and durable houses in the Caribbean.
  • Brothers Kept Apart, 2008 – An honest comparative analysis of the Bible and the Qur’an which found harmony between their principal teachings, without compromising any teaching or damaging the integrity of any verse in either book. However, almost irreconcilable differences were found between the traditions of Christianity and Islam.
  • Solving the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 2009 – A resolution of the religious reasons for the conflict, which have forced both sides to negotiate in bad-faith in order to avoid the fatal consequences of making unpopular decisions.
  • Colliding with Truth, 2011 – A review of Jesus’ method of determining what is true.
  • What do these Cracks Mean? 2012 – A reference manual to diagnose cracks in buildings.
  • Attraction is a Feeling, Love is a Promise, 2013 – Marriage can be a satisfying and exciting life-journey for a man and a woman who love each other. However, the significant number of divorced and separated persons indicates that there is a fundamental problem with their marriage preparation. The dreaded phrase “I just don’t love you anymore” is common among those who mistook their intense feelings of attraction as love. A resource to identify whether a person is ready for marriage.


During most of his secondary school years at Combermere Secondary School, Mr Phillips worked as a farmer, responsible for raising chickens, and managing sheep, goats and a cow. He also planted and reaped beans. Towards the end of his secondary school education, he was employed as a labourer in the construction industry, cutting sight lines for a surveyor. He later also functioned as a surveyor’s assistant.

Mr Phillips next employment opportunity was as a draughtsman for an engineering firm during several summers of his university education. For the next two decades after his graduation, he was employed as an Engineer-in-training, Engineer, Senior Engineer, Associate, Partner and Director of Consulting Engineer’s Partnership Ltd.

Following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Mr Phillips volunteered to be deployed to Haiti. During his first 1-month deployment, he recognised the need for a regional college to train construction supervisors to build houses properly. Upon his return to Barbados, he promptly founded Walbrent College. Mr Phillips deployed to Haiti a further 10 times between 2010 and 2016. Walbrent College has trained hundreds of senior artisan and construction supervisors around the Caribbean on how to build strong and low-maintenance (durable) houses.


For the past 25 years, Mr Phillips has worked on a wide range of project management and engineering projects in the Caribbean region. His experience includes:

  • project management of roads, bridges and buildings;
  • structural engineering design of timber, masonry, structural steel, and reinforced concrete structures;
  • structural condition and vulnerability assessments of buildings to natural hazards;
  • environmental engineering design of sewerage and solid waste collection and treatment facilities;
  • highway engineering design and evaluation of roads, bridges, aircraft runways and taxiways;
  • coastal engineering design of seawalls, dolphins, and outfalls.
  • preparing and managing development planning applications;
  • preparing and managing consultancy and construction contracts;
  • resolving construction disputes and fairly determining construction claims; and
  • training building designers, contractors, and inspectors in multi-hazard design and construction methods.

Almost immediately following Hurricane Ivan in 2004,  Mr Phillips was responsible for developing and conducting workshops in every parish in Grenada in order to train Grenadian artisans to rebuild to higher standards.  He audited and strengthened the Planning departments in both Grenada and Dominica to improve the quality of construction. He also developed and conducted workshops in Grenada and Dominica to train designers, planners, and building inspectors in current multi-hazard design and construction methods.


Mr Phillips has worked in: Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, Panama, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, and Turks & Caicos Islands.


Recognising that he only has one life to live, Mr Phillips is passionate about pursuing and sharing Truth. This has led him to accept and follow the teachings of Jesus, which can be summarised as: loving God unashamedly, demonstrably loving people, and pursuing excellence in every responsibility.


I have found that the older I get, the more the boundaries appear to be blurred between what I do and who I am. I am a: son, brother, husband, father, friend, employer, marriage counsellor, teacher, musician, singer, composer, inventor, author, publisher, mathematician, programmer, designer, engineer (civil, structural, environmental, highways and transportation), project manager, planner, and current president of Walbrent College.

I try to: help the less fortunate, befriend the stranger, encourage the despondent, guide the wanderer, know God, never compromise personal integrity regardless of the price offered, and pursue excellence even when there is no reward.


One of the greatest tragedies of life is to choose not to verify the assumptions upon which the interpretation of evidence was based, while confidently asserting that personal opinion is truth. Recorded history has shown that this was a common occurrence in every civilization. Regrettably it still is, especially among those who have abandoned evidence-based science and have embraced ideologically based activism.


42 thoughts on “Candidates

    • Hi DMJH:

      We tried to include just enough to provide sufficient confidence, but are reluctant to add more. Jesus explained why.

      “Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them. Otherwise you have no reward from your Father in heaven. Therefore, when you do a charitable deed, do not sound a trumpet before you as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory from men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, that your charitable deed may be in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.” (Matthew 6:1-4)

      Best regards,


    • Dear Ayo:

      We are serious, and there is plenty of time for the public to become familiar with our Candidates before elections are due. At present, they need to prepare themselves for negative aspects. How do they know what these aspects are? Well, I have agreed to be the ‘lightning rod’ that attracts them.

      Best regards,


      • Okay, this response is not good enough, you made a decision to come out and represent the people, then your declaration should be on this page. If they are aware of the political scene, then they should know that negative will come with it, no preparation in the world will shield them from that. This page should have already declared how many volunteers have registered with this party.

        I am Watching.


      • Hi RK:

        We have 12 candidates and need 18 more. For them to properly count the cost, they need to know the likely actual costs – many of which are entirely different to those normally experienced by candidates running under the protective umbrella of one of the two dominant political parties.

        Best regards,


    • Dear Jonathan:

      Solutions Barbados has three types of supporters, all of whom are important and welcome.

      1. The Candidates are expected to run for elected office and implement the Policy Solutions.

      2. The Active Supporters are persons who are willing to volunteer some of their time and skills to support the election of the Candidates.

      3. The Passive Supporters are those who generally agree with our Policy Solutions, and may even provide some feedback, but are unwilling to be active.

      Those who wish to be Candidates or Active Supporters may contact us via e-mail, or leave a comment on this web-site. There are no membership fees.

      Best regards,


  1. nextparty246: I want to make it clear that i support this initiative sincerely and, i would come out boldly in favor of this Party, though i have no uses for Political Parties, but i would support this initiative, if this entire body shall completely transparent. 12 out of 18 possibilities, is great, if this discipleship of 12 or, and number of them are sure of what they want to do, it should be shown now, it is warm, this initiative would taken even more seriously. I am saying, they, whoever has made the decision to serve, should make that announcement, help build the momentum.

    Pardon any typos.



    • Dear RK:

      Our aim is to present the Barbados electorate with a set of people who are demonstrably capable of managing the national economy. We hope to eventually attract 30 qualified employers.

      While there are benefits to be derived from presenting candidates early, in the current political environment the personal cost is very high. It is better for the candidates to maintain their businesses for as long as possible while Solutions Barbados tries to change the vile political trench where reputations can be destroyed, businesses bankrupted, families torn apart, and relatives and close friends threatened. Why unnecessarily expose them to harm before the trench has been cleaned?

      We are gradually changing the environment within the trench to a place where people can offer themselves as candidates without fear of victimization. Further, if the public chooses another candidate, then candidates can return to their businesses without shame and with their reputations unblemished.

      We have been manipulated into turning against each-other. Give us time to expose this manipulation and clean up this vile trench so that our candidates are not unnecessarily soiled.

      Best regards,


      • nexkparty246:

        Thanks for the response. I hope you appreciate my frankness, i shall be calling it as i see it, respectfully.

        I will also back this initiative, if my intelligence is not insulted. neither, i be told things that just sound nice and metaphorical.



  2. This change that you are bringing to the Political landscape in Barbados is welcome, I have two questions, 1. What is your Party’s Political Ideology ? 2. Where does your Party stand on the Left Wing/Right Wing Political Spectrum ? I ask these questions because I’m tired of the Social Democratic Parties that we have in Barbados at present, it’s time that we have a Liberal Conservative Party in Barbados that is on the Right Wing of the Political Spectrum. A bit Capitalism with solid Social Policies would be most welcome.


    • Dear Basil:

      We plan to do the right thing in a responsible manner. Our aim is to provide an environment where all Barbadian citizens and residents can become healthy, wealthy and wise if they choose to. We will let the political scientists decide where this falls in their defined categories.

      Best regards,


  3. To All Concerned,
    Election time is fast approaching and we need to get active. Too short a notice will leave the candidates will little time to make an impact. We need change but we also need to know who we are getting into bed with. We should start meeting and discussing the way forward.
    I look forward to your comments.

    Keith Boyce


  4. Sounds very interesting. I hope you’ll create the opportunity for us to pose some questions to the candidates when you break the news about the chosen 30.

    Keith Boyce


  5. This monument to yourself exposes one of the key problems with barbados. The idea that only “professional” and people with “degrees” can be successful leaders. This is the folly that has gotten us the doctors and lawyers that got us in this mess.

    The fact that you think (as you have mentioned to above) that letters after your name equals competence shows that you are just as lost as the rest and you are certainly not the solution but more of the same. You are very much a creature of the barbadian bubble.

    And finally, the absolute last thing this country needs, and i mean absolute is a theocracy, which is partially what you are selling. I say no to you.


    • Dear Anonymous:

      We are inviting employers to be candidates. Many employers are not professionals and do not have any academic degrees.

      The letters after my name have been earned. They are necessary in the competitive market in which I operate. I successfully compete with Engineers from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Asia. Qualifications should not be despised.

      We are not “selling” or proposing a theocracy. Please explain what led you to such a conclusion so that we can correct this misunderstanding.

      Best regards,


  6. Let me quickly address the straw men you built in your response to me.

    Where did i ever suggest that i despised qualifications? I did not. Your dishonest response about your qualifications being earned is another sleight of hand, especially in light of your first paragraph. You are suggesting that qualifications are not needed but yet presenting yours as proof of your suitability. Give me a break.

    Why the conclusion that running a business is the same/similar as running a country – that must be the conclusion if you want “employers” to join your party. Haven’t we from the dawn of Barbados had “employers” and “professionals” in government? How far did that get us?

    Not to mention that most of the “employers” are white and as a group are some of the most incompetent on the island. Their success is due to the historical factors at play in Barbados – both mentally and economically; and the corruptibility of the “political class”.

    As far as the my theocracy comment goes. I have seen your babbling on other blogs previously, i base my comment on those. There is a certain predictability of the run of the mill corrupt politician. But what truly scares me is power in the hands of adult children with their ridiculous moronic fairly tale world views. That is change i do not believe in and that we can ill afford as a country.

    P.S. Who cares about what market you compete in. You may have solipsism syndrome.


    • Dear Anonymous:

      We appear to be diverging. Let us try to repair the breach.

      1. Professionals

      You stated:

      “This monument to yourself exposes one one of the key problems with Barbados. The idea that only “professional” and people with “degrees” can be successful leaders. This is the folly that has gotten us the doctors and lawyers that got us in this mess.”

      I noted that we are inviting employers to be candidates, and that many employers are not professionals and do not have academic degrees.

      2. Employers

      You stated:

      “Why the conclusion that running a business is the same/similar as running a country – that must be the conclusion if you want “employers” to join your party. Haven’t we from the dawn of Barbados had “employers” and “professionals” in government? How far did that get us?”

      Please note that a disproportionate number of lawyers and doctors have offered themselves as politicians in Barbados. After managing our national economy for 50 years, the evidence is that their best was not good enough – for us. Yet, we must thank them for their service because those who were most prepared did not offer themselves as candidates for public consideration, and we had to select leaders from among those who were willing.

      While running a business is not the same as running a country, the actions of a responsible employer appear to be valuable training for managing the national economy. If you disagree, then please let us know of a better course of training.

      3. Employers’ Success

      You also stated:

      “Not to mention that most of the “employers” are white and as a group are some of the most incompetent on the island. Their success is due to the historical factors at play in Barbados – both mentally and economically; and the corruptibility of the “political class”. ”

      Please recheck your statements for accuracy. From my preliminary investigations, most employers in Barbados are not white. Most employers are not incompetent. Most employers’ success is not due to any common “historical factors” or the corruptibility of the political class.

      4. My Qualifications

      You stated:

      “You are suggesting that qualifications are not needed but yet presenting yours as proof of your suitability. Give me a break.”

      Please note that the absence of academic and professional qualifications is not a barrier to being a Solutions Barbados candidate. Neither is having them.

      Best regards,


  7. I don’t have much more of this back and forth in me with this pedantic, unsophisticated reading of what i am saying. But let me make something clear to you. Forming a political party on the basis of one sub group of people is a non starter. And even if the Barbadian people are that dumb i do not see why you cannot see what is wrong with that.

    Can you explain why you think that employers are the only ones that need apply. You are making that assertion, you need to justify why you “think” that way. Its not for me to prove you wrong.

    As far as the employers go. Can you tell me besides the government who the largest employers are? If 10 people employ 1 person each and then 1 person employs 10 people who do you think has the power and influence? I could only guess that’s what you are trying to suggest… and even then i don’t think that is correct.
    Can you tell me where you are getting your data from?

    Your qualifications, you are again just being dishonest and floating another red herring.

    You, i assume on purpose did not respond to my query on what i think will be your propensity; to turn Barbados into jesus camp. Can you comment on that please? I am a single issue voter and that’s my issue.


    • Dear Anonymous:


      Yours is a frequently asked question. Please review our detailed response on our “Frequently Asked Questions” page, items 7, 8 and 9 linked below the following the item titles.
      7. Is Solutions Barbados a Party only for Business Persons?
      8. What Special Skills Do Employers Have to Prepare them to Manage a National Economy?
      9. Is the 10 Employees over 10 Years Requirement Flexible?


      Responding to your query about who has more influence, the answer is that it is those who are in favour with the political party in power. We are planning to change that arrangement.


      Finally, why do you keep harping on about a theocracy and now a “Jesus camp”? I happen to believe in God, the Creator, and His Son, Jesus. This is a belief that is shared by most of our past and current politicians and most of the citizens of Barbados.

      You appear to categorise believers in God as people with “ridiculous moronic fairly tale world views”. Why are you so hostile on this issue?

      Best regards,


  8. It is a pity that anonymous cannot state at least his First name, but feels snug in using “anonymous”.
    This to my mind is cowardly behaviour


  9. Are you now censoring the comments made here? I sent you a question about 3 weeks ago and i have not seen your response or has it been listed here like the others. Have you already become the tyranny you claim to want to eradicate ? I am sure there are others who would be interested in your response to my questions however stupid they may be.


  10. Generally it appears that the more religious you are the less empathy you have for your fellow humans. So just like the republicans in the US, i suspect that you will be on a mission for jesus to rid the country to all “socialist” institutions like healthcare etc – because thats what jesus would do.

    As far as this nonsense about only/mostly getting business owners as candidates (which is so ridiculous even my typing it seems dumb) How is the donald trump working out? Not too good it seems. It takes different skills (and indeed skills) to get things done. He is used to autocratic rule, which will not get him very far in government.

    So to my question…

    Can you tell us how “socialism” ruined the barbados economy. I saw your “article” in the paper where you did the equivalent of :

    Question : How does an automobile work?
    Your Response : It drives.

    So since you just made bold claims without any explanations/proof (like all religious nuts do) please, in longer form explain to me why socialism is so bad and exactly how it ruins economies. in your answer make references to sweden and the scandinavian states for instance…

    And because i know you are likely to be dishonest, sweden before they started on their slow march to cultural suicide by importing hoards of nuts jobs that follow another false god.

    Don’t forget that if god wills it – you need to be my prime minister too, so take my questions seriously.

    Thanks again Mr. Prime minister in waiting


    • Dear Anonymous:

      1. We started by inviting responsible Employers, then we opened our candidate selection criteria to include persons with any type of responsible management experience, and finally, to any responsible person.

      2. One aspect of socialism is for Government to run major industries. This is its main weakness, and the historical record shows that it is a fatal flaw since Government run industries are normally badly run. We propose to correct this flaw by properly managing the statutory corporations in accordance with ISO 9001.

      Best regards,


      • you probably do not realize it but you have not provided and actual answer to the questions i have asked. You have instead opted for the donald trump style of “answer”. Gotcha, its going to be fabulous.

        Do you mind explaining this magical ISO standard that will save the world to us the public ? I do hope you understand that running a government is not the same as running a static machine that produces widgets.

        Barbados has issues with policy as much as implementation. ISO is not going to help you craft sound policy, it may just make you expertly implement flawed policy and ideas.

        This seems extremely likely since your rigid insistence on both the ISO 9001 standard and the extremely narrow (and random) candidate pool you are looking at…

        You also said once that you can see no evidence of malfeasance by the politicians of the two main parties. That too is disqualifying as far as i am concerned.


      • 1. The ISO 9001 standard permanently addresses complaints by resolving the root causes. it also facilitates innovation among employees.

        2. Our policies have been published for the past 2 years. They have now become our promises to the people of Barbados.

        3. We will provide a mechanism for anyone who claims to have any evidence of corruption to give it and be rewarded with the same value of the bribe.

        Best regards,


    • Dear Paul:

      Our ‘Manifesto’ was published on 1 July 2015 and it has undergone almost 2 years of rigorous public scrutiny. Please review them in the “Policy Solutions” section, which is also linked below for your convenience.

      The national economy can still be stabilised without the need for austerity, laying off public servants, or reducing their salary levels. However, we are fast running out of options. See our solution in the Barbados Today titled “Who Needs to Take Arthur’s Bitter Medicine” archived in the “Blog & Notices” section, also linked below for your convenience.

      Best regards,


      • I am suggesting to You Grenville, not to engage obvious “detractors”, but direct them to the various websites of solutions barbados. Mr Anonymous is a cdwardly detractor.


  11. Reading your article in the paper. I find a couple things that dont make sense to me…

    The major inefficiency in government is the hoards useless management degree and diploma wielding zombies in the governments employ. You seem to think that its the opposite…. The so called inefficiencies are the people themselves; and the numbers of people. Why on earth would you want to become more efficient just to hire more people???

    Why is selling government entities the end goal? Why is it a good thing? That seems prima facie to your “argument”. I dont accept that and many people do not. Thats an article of faith and not grounded on earth. The only people who think thats a good idea are the inept white people who are going to buy these entities and further enslave and rape black bajans and the barbadian economy – while presenting themselves as our savours. Glad to know you are on board with that.

    Its kind of funny that you think the rape and pillage of barbados and barbadians is just do the incompetent business management and business practice and that will be fixed by your wiz bang ISO 9001 standards. Its much more sinister than that sir. Its one of the few competencies certain segments of the barbadian population have. Its part of the unfortunate social and political history of barbados that we are still laboring under.

    XXXXXX [redacted by Moderator] is a buffoon, but he is in good company generally in this island. You need another foil.


  12. Hello,
    I just read your diatribe on banning porn. Can you provide me with the reference material for the your numerous claims about porn?



  13. I am further suggesting that solutionsbarbados should plan to have townhall meetings in the North, South, East, West and Central parts of the island. For example in Speightstown Alexandra School, Queens College, Combermere, Foundation, Princess Margaret, Lodge, Alleyne and Lester Vaughn schools..


    • Mr. Anonymous does not even know what he wants in this life, neither the rest of his life and knows nothing about what Jesus offers. …. Grenville you are wasting precious and productive time
      Tell Mr. Anonymous GOODBYE.


  14. I had the pleasure to meet Mr Irvin Belgrave today and had a long chat with him on the subject of SolutionsBarbados. First of all I am so pleased to see this initiative for a third party choice in Barbados, something that has been sadly lacking in our supposedly democratic parliamentary system. The issue of “sub-group membership” is a non-issue as that is the whole point about political parties, they are in essence and by necessity representative of ideological sub-groupage of one kind or another. I am pleased to see the Christian community in Barbados, or at least a section, come together to put forward a values based perspective. That is a good thing and right and proper. Let’s not be ashamed of that in any way, shape or form, nor necessarily feel obliged to entertain the prejudiced challenge of detractors.

    Having gained a limited overview of your value position and political perspective, it is my wish to connect and support this initiative in anyway I can, even to the point of exploring a considered candidacy, and will be in further contact with Mr Belgrave to discuss how I can get involved.

    It seems to me that time is short and there is an urgent need for a mobilisation campaign, hopefully the infrastructure is in place or being put in place to effect this.

    I look forward to the progress of this initiative and furthering the aims to give the people of Barbados real choice at the forthcoming elections.

    May God guide, direct and bless SolutionsBarbados, you are in my prayers.


    • Dear DG:

      We are against the sexual harassment and violence of anyone, especially our women. Please note that approximately half of our candidates are women, and none of them will tolerate such treatment.

      Best regards,


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