Month: May 2018

Rosaline Corbin

Dear Residents:

My name is Rosaline Corbin and I am honoured that you would consider me to represent you and your concerns in Parliament.

There is an African proverb that says, “it takes a village to raise a child”. I was raised by my Grand-mother, and with the input of caring persons of Church Village, St Philip, I became the woman I am today. I have never lost contact with the people of that community, whom I am fondly known as “Little Rosie” or “Rose Ifill”.

I accepted the Lord as my Saviour as a young teenager at the Church Village Pilgrim Holiness Church, now known as Shekinah Wesleyan. Through my active church involvement there, long friendships have been formed with persons in neighbouring communities from Thicketts up to Ragged Point.

I am a professionally trained and qualified skilled facilitator / trainer of trainers in a wide range of Human Resources Development areas.  I have been privileged to work professionally in Barbados, the Caribbean, the UK, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Thailand, India and New Zealand.

My passion is for helping those who are marginalised and who feel and behave disenfranchised. I have 33 years of experience in community development. My love for the Lord and for His service underpins my desire for equity, fairness and righteousness, and drives whatever I do.

We have delivered a flyer and mini-manifesto to each house in St. Philip North.    It may be downloaded below.

A4 Flyer Rose Corbin R0

Kind regards,


Jacqueline Alleyne – Worrell

Dear Resident:

My name is Jacqueline Alleyne – Worrell and I am humbled and honoured that you would consider me to be your voice in Parliament.

I have over 25 years of management experience, mainly in the field of construction.  I have also had leadership positions in my church where I have helped and counselled persons.  I promise to use my experiences to your benefit.

I am very concerned about the increased cost of living, and the limited opportunities for our youth to become independent.  We have invested so much in our country, but we are not seeing the promised returns in quality public services.

Some households are barely making it due to the increase in taxes and no salary increases. That is why I have chosen to try to make a difference.  This is a great parish and I am committed to seeing it reach its greatest potential.

The greatest advice about leadership is found in the Bible.  It states: “whoever wants to be a leader among you must first be your servant.”  I choose to be your servant, and promise to faithfully represent your interests in parliament. While my first and foremost accountability is to God Almighty, I choose to be accountable to you the people of St. James South.

We have delivered a flyer and mini-manifesto to each house in St. Philip North.    It may be downloaded below.

A4 Flyer Jackie R2

Kind regards,