Paul Gibson

PG 2S8A5594

Dear Residents of St Michael South:

Thank you for considering me as your representative in the upcoming general election.

My over 25 year journey as a Pharmacist, Businessman, Chief Executive Officer and Marketer has given me the privilege to work across the Caribbean region.  It has also exposed me to diverse political landscapes, governments, national economies and individuals.  I can now see how these experiences have shaped and informed my thinking to better serve you, the people of St Michael South – including constituents who reside overseas.

I have served as:

  • President of The Barbados Pharmaceutical Society.
  • President, Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship Int’l – Accra Chapter.
  • General Manager, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer for various Regional and Local Companies.
  • Directorship Post on Several Boards, including 2 terms with the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation
  • Graduate of the University of Technology with a BSc in Pharmacy.

I want you to benefit from my experiences in the international corporate world and from Jamaica, where I lived for over 14 years.  In Jamaica, I saw how poor economic policies negatively impacted a country and its people.  I am determined to ensure that all Barbadians are speared the unnecessary austerity that both established political parties are telling us to prepare for.

I believe that serving God and man are key components to fulfilling one’s purpose.  I also believe that Barbados can rise to New Dimensions of success.

We have delivered a flyer and mini-manifesto to each house in this constituency.    It may be downloaded below.

A4 Flyer PG R1

Best regards,


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