Betty Howell

BH 2S8A5430-2

Dear Residents of St Michael East:

My name is Betty Howell and I am honoured that you would consider me to be your representative in Parliament.

Having experience in banking and publishing, and more recently being the owner of a grocery store in this constituency, I am acutely (and sometimes painfully) aware of the financial needs of some residents. Very frequently I am privy to many personal accounts of hardship experienced by persons from all walks of life. There is a sense of disillusionment and near hopelessness at the decline in morals and values. There is also increasing concern in their monetary fortunes due to the current economic conditions.

As a wife and mother for over thirty years, and having grown up in a very modest household, I can easily identify with the struggles, hopes and dreams of working class families. My life-experience has prepared me to offer you a high standard of representation, and I pledge to offer you sterling representation that will not only ensure the development and enhancement of this constituency, but also lead to progress at the national level.

Kind regards,



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