Solutions Barbados’ Response to Atherley’s PPfDD – Wheel and Come Again

Political parties select different colours to allow the public to identify their party and Candidates.  This well-established practise in Barbados avoids confusion.  The party colours of the three political parties that received the most votes in the last general election were: red for the BLP, blue for the DLP, and green for Solutions Barbados.

We have been asked to comment on Atherley’s party, PPfDD, selecting the colour of Solutions Barbados, rather than choose their own separate colour.  Our comments follow.

Solutions Barbados do not think that Atherley and PPfDD have done anything illegal.  They have a right to select any colour they wish, including red and blue.  However, while their action may be legal, it is highly unethical.  It is also highly deceptive since their action can only confuse the public when they are trying to identify candidates.

Their actions are particularly disturbing since they claim to be morally and ethically superior to the BLP and DLP.  If they were a party of rebels, then this type of unethical behaviour would be expected.  But they claim to be a party of God, with several pastors among them who know that doing what is ethical, is more important that satisfying a legal standard.  They have started very badly.

According to Atherley, the PPfDD formed about seven months ago.  Why did they not spend that time creating a separate identity?  Why attempt to deceive the public, while prominently claiming God as a supporter?  They must know that God is not the author of confusion, so why are they trying to confuse the public?

The Bible describes satan as a deceiver, and the god of this world.  The PPfDD are invited to confirm which god they are serving, by either repenting, or stubbornly continuing with their deception.  They should know that their unethical behaviour is entirely consistent with that of the other fellow.

Grenville Phillips II is President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

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