Solutions Barbados’ Easter Message

Jesus’ resurrection confirmed to us that we are being trained for something greater.  Jesus explained that there was an enemy of humanity who wants to distract and divide us, so that we harm eachother and accomplish less.  This Easter, let us determine to reject what divides us and encourage eachother on our individual training paths.

The most influential dividers in a nation are its political operatives.  They have developed a method of political success, but economic failure, in all developing countries, using the same four steps.

Step 1 is for a newly elected administration to alarm the population that that there is no money.  This is used to justify sending home supporters of the last administration, regardless of how competent they are.

Step 2 is to place the least competent political party supporters in management positions, thus guaranteeing low efficiency, low productivity, and low national competitiveness.  Step 3 is to give no-bid contracts to political supporters.

Step 4 is to damage the professional reputations and businesses of anyone seen as a threat to their party being re-elected.  Economic harm of the nation is guaranteed by starving about half of its most productive resources of business opportunities, for political reasons, for 5 years periods.

There is a defined political season of about one month when the proverbial gloves come off.  But after that time, there should be unity for the benefit of Barbados.  It is in the political operatives’ interests to keep us divided outside of the political season.

Political operatives limit the definition of Barbadian to mean political party supporters. While their party governs, they direct rewards to those who praise the administration’s every failure as an achievement.  They also direct persecution towards any who dare offer an honest analysis.

We need to acknowledge that we are all Barbadians, and all entitled to the same opportunities.  Our political leaders normally repeat this ideal, but their operatives ensure that it is never achieved.  It is time for political leaders to restrain their operatives, for the good of all Barbadians.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

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