Francina Bourne

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Dear Residents:

My Name is Francina Bourne and I am most honoured that you would consider me be your representation in St Michael South East.

Over that past 20 years, I have worked as a credit officer, then a legal assistant, and now a qualified para-legal officer.  During this time, I also worked in our family’s farming business.

For 2 decades, I resided in the neighbouring Sargeant’s Village, and was distressed at the rising levels of violence, crime, drugs, unemployment and underemployment within my community, especially among the youth.  The current educational and economic system is clearly not working for our youth.  Since they will eventually replace us, we must do a much better job at preparing them to manage Barbados.

I believe that God has raised up different leaders at this time to properly manage our economy, and responsibly prepare our youth for their eventual leadership.  I also believe that God has changed the planned direction of my life to be of national service to you.

We can improve our economic, educational, agricultural, health care, criminal justice, and other systems to the benefit of all Barbadians.  The system should equally benefit those who loudly complain, and those who suffer in silence and choose not to complain.

We have delivered a flyer and mini-manifesto to each house in St Michael South East.    It may be downloaded below.

A4 Flyer FB R2

Best regards,


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