Call the Police for Me

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From the time Solutions Barbados was formed over 2 years ago, I have learnt a lot of new things about myself.  I have reportedly engaged in the most heinous acts imaginable.  The mystery to be solved is, why I am still walking about Barbados unrestrained.  Why are the police so negligent in their duty to protect Barbadians?  Why have they not come for me yet?

They are persons who see their service to humanity as spreading misinformation about political opponents, for the sole reason of getting voters to choose their candidate.  The clever method is to simply spread a half-truth.  I have come to both understand and despise this role of the political operative.

Political operatives will recklessly drop a mischievous half-truth, and then let an inquisitive person speculate into the realm of defamation.  They will then feign innocence for their role in harming both the defamed and the unsuspecting defamer.  I really despise this role of the political operative.

I have tried to live a good life for diverse reasons.  Foremost of these is that I do not worship God in vain.  I believe that He is, and that He rewards those who intentionally seek Him.  I also believe that God hears the cries of the oppressed, and that a certain fearful judgement awaits the oppressor, so I demonstrate my love for God by helping, and not harming others.

To try to divert persons who have heard half-truths away from dangerous speculation, I have decided to address the allegations.

Visitors to Her Majesty’s Prison at Dodds may have seen me in prison.  However, that is only half of the truth.  Releasing only half of the truth naturally leads people to speculate as to what I could have done to deserve such a fate.

Let me state that I have never been imprisoned for a conviction or remanded to prison for a charge.  I am a volunteer teacher at the prison.  I have taught inmates how to: supervise the construction of safe and durable timber and masonry houses, start and manage businesses with no start-up money, and play the keyboard by ear.  I have been doing this years before I had any idea that I would be involved in politics.

I do this because I genuinely care for prisoners.  I believe that every person has a genuine care for at least one group of people.  Individuals can identify the people group for whom they care based on their initial reaction to news of a member of that group.

If a student has been suspended for an infraction, then if your first thought is one of concern for the consequences of interrupting the student’s education, then you genuinely care about students.  However, if your initial thoughts were condemnatory, in that she got what she deserved, then perhaps there is another people group for who you truly care.

That is what separates a teacher who cares for students, from someone who simply sees their work as a method of earning an income.  We want our teachers to care enough to act, to help the slow learner, discipline the unruly, and protect the vulnerable student

Another common allegation is that I have outside children.  My question is always: where are they?  Bring them to me so that I can meet them.  To-date, neither child nor child-mother have come forward, and those who await their coming will wait in vain.

I have also been accused of being politically funded by large corporations in Barbados, will only do what the big businesses want, and am simply a naive pawn in their plans.  So far, the only group that has expressed opposition our economic plans are businesses.  They are concerned that we plan to tax their revenues.  They would much prefer to pay much less taxes by having only their profits taxed.

One persistent allegation that has extended to all Solutions Barbados candidates is that we are elitist.  By reason of our training and experience, we are indeed elite, but not elitist.  We genuinely care for all Barbadian residents, visitors, and businesses, and are willingly offering ourselves to represent you.  We are ready to serve you, not to be served by you.  If this means that we must bear the half-truths in silence, then we will.

Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at


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  1. Brother Phillips! What do you expect? You will be attacked left, right and Centre. If you can’t take the lashes you know what to do. Keep up the fight. (Keith)

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