Fallon Best

2S8A5625 Fallon

Dear Residents of the City of Bridgetown:

My name is Fallon Best and I am honoured that you would consider me to represent you in Parliament.

I love the City of Bridgetown and all of its communities.  I attended secondary school in the city, and both of my parents had entrepreneurial business interests in the city, my father being a sales manager and my mother being a caterer.

My academic background includes undergraduate and postgraduate economics, management, marketing, law and accounting.   I have a diverse 15-year work experience, including in best-practice private sector organisations like BMW and ArcelorMittal Steel Corporation, and in the UK public sector administration in Oxford, London and Luxembourg City.

I was raised to respect God, and I have learnt the benefits of seeking God’s guidance when faced with personal, business and community challenges.  I currently volunteer as national secretary with the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International, which has over 7,000 chapters in 142 nations.

I believe that Bridgetown must be properly managed and maintained.  I further believe that the prosperity of the nation is linked to the prosperity of the city, and the city cannot prosper unless the people and families in the city prosper. The family unit is the cornerstone of individual, social and economic development.  However, the next generation’s culture is being negatively affected by low marriage rates, high divorce rates, and disenfranchised fathers leaving un-mentored sons and daughters.

I believe that my training and work-experience has prepared me to serve you at this critical time in our country’s development.  I pledge to you that will listen to your concerns and faithfully represent your concerns.

Best regards,



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