Employers as Candidates

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Allow me to respond to the concerns that some may have about employers offering themselves to the public as candidates for the next general elections.  Political operatives have dismissed the idea as a fatal flaw and they do not expect us to garner much support.  However, employers, employees, the unemployed and the unemployable all have a right to offer themselves for consideration.  Whether they are chosen or not is exclusively and entirely up to the voters to decide.

It is important to understand that employers include: engineers (like myself), doctors, lawyers, contractors, accountants, merchants, hair dressers, landscapers, barbers, dentists, musicians, accountants, dramatists, economists, and every other professional and non-professional who took the risks of starting their own business and employing others.

To appreciate the special relevant skills that employers have, it is important to be reminded that Caribbean countries are in serious economic trouble because of popular, but unworkable ideas that have sabotaged their economies.  Given the real and dire consequences of testing unworkable ideas on the national economy, it would appear that main qualification needed to manage a national economy is to understand, by experience, how an economy works.

Starting and growing a business appears to be the ideal training ground for managing a national economy. This is because employers are ably positioned to test their ideas in the market place, and learn, by trial and error, what works under specific conditions, and what does not work under any conditions in the Barbados, Caribbean and international regulatory environments.

Perhaps a multiple-choice analogy may suffice. Who do you want to drive a bus full of people (the national economy)?

A – A person who has experience walking for 10 years (the youth/senior students)?

B – A person who has ridden a bicycle for 10 years (experienced employees)?

C – A person who has driven a car for 10 years (experienced employers)?

D – A person who has been chauffeured in a bus for 10 years (experienced politicians)?

E – A person who has read about how a bus is manufactured (academics)?

If you selected the person who drove a car, then well done; there is hope for Barbados. If the majority choose any of the others in the next general elections, then we should all prepare to suck the proverbial salt.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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