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Keep Your Head Down

The slavery experience of our foreparents has left a legacy that we still struggle with today.  It is a legacy that everyone who has tried to improve a situation has felt.  Over the past quarter-century, I have talked with many persons who saw something being done incorrectly, whether on a construction site, or at a […]

Who is to Blame?

We arrived at a Government department before 11:00 am and the door was locked. About 9 persons were inside and it was rumoured that the staff were going to lunch after those inside had been processed.  The last person to be processed came out at 11:09 am.  Then some of the staff came out with […]

The Death Spiral

As expected, Standard & Poor’s downgraded Barbados’ sovereign credit rating yet again, this time to CCC.  As long as the DLP continues to follow their developmental philosophy of high taxation, then further downgrades and eventual currency devaluation are certain.  So what is the solution? First, we need to understand that the DLP’s developmental philosophy has […]

Good News – Foreseen National Misery Can Be Avoided

After assessing the damage caused to buildings from Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria, witnessing the heart-breaking misery of those who have lost so much, observing unrestrained looting of non-food items, and experiencing the halt to all national economic activity, I have returned to Barbados more convinced that we can avoid the foreseen national misery […]

Support our National Champion

The Hon Christopher Sinckler is Barbados’ Minister of Finance.  He has a most challenging responsibility.  He must consider competing interests and prioritize the spending of limited funds.  He must also be careful to respect the concerns of sovereign rating agencies, creditors, and the International Monetary Fund.  Concurrently, he must defend his decisions in Parliament. Mr […]

Wayne ‘JIBRI’ Marshall

Dear Resident: My name is Wayne ‘JIBRI’ Marshall.  I look forward to meeting you, and championing your cause in Parliament. I have 18 years of experience working in the Tourism industry, both in the crusie ship sector and the Grantley Adams International Airport.  I have worked as a chauffeur and a certified Tour Guide. Four […]

Call the Police for Me

From the time Solutions Barbados was formed over 2 years ago, I have learnt a lot of new things about myself.  I have reportedly engaged in the most heinous acts imaginable.  The mystery to be solved is, why I am still walking about Barbados unrestrained.  Why are the police so negligent in their duty to […]

Solving Barbados’ Gang Problems.

Several very expensive solutions to Barbados’ gang and drug problems are available.  In desperation, the Government may be tempted to select one of them and unnecessarily push Barbados further into debt.  Given Government’s tendency to partially implement solutions and then realize that they are unaffordable, the money will likely be wasted. Since we currently have […]

Staring into the Abyss

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados recently hosted economist Ms Marla Dukharan, who determined that Barbados’ debt to GDP ratio was an insane 168%.  This places us as one of the most indebted nations on the planet.  To put this in perspective, the maximum limit which the IMF warned us not to cross in […]

Building High-maintenance Tombs

From my experience in working among people in post-hazard environments, I can conclude that a stable house is the most prized possession. I have witnessed the grateful expressions of relief among those whose houses survived the tragic events.  The contrasting near hopeless expressions of misery among those whose houses were destroyed were almost unbearable. It […]

Blinded to the Obvious

I was hopeful and excited before the recent meeting of the Social Partnership.  All sides recognised that we were on the brink of economic ruin and they were anxious to find an effective solution.  They could not wait one more week.  Therefore, I highly commend the Government, Unions and the Private Sector for putting Barbados […]

When They Fail, We Suffer

Our elected politicians are supposed to represent us.  When they fail in that primary duty, then the rest of us must suffer – grievously.  However, we do not simply suffer the damaging consequences.  We must also be over-taxed, not to pay to permanently fix the problems that were created by their failures, or to only […]

Telling the People the Truth

CADRES recently conducted a poll in order to identify voters’ political party preferences.  Most voters polled reportedly preferred either the BLP or the DLP.  After analysing the poll, I understood how voters could be easily manipulated. When asking questions, there is normally a context around which each question is framed, that can result in different […]

Emancipation Day Message

The various demands on our time do not allow us to reflect on significant historical events.  That is why we, as a nation, have decided that this event is significant enough to generally shut-down the country to give Barbadians a whole day to reflect. We are generally a nation of former slaves and indentured servants […]

Paying the Piper.

Tax on companies is called corporate tax.  Tax on personal income is called income tax.  In 2015, the Government received $210 Million from taxing companies and $452 Million from taxing individuals’ income.  The Government also received other taxes from individuals.  For example, much of the $811 M from VAT and $150 M from property taxes. […]


We have consistently received the same criticism over the past 2 years – we are running too many candidates.  We were then advised that if we wanted to build a political party, then we should focus on 3 to 6 constituencies where one of the established parties had marginal victories.  We were also told that […]

We Are All Third Parties.

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) have embraced fundamentally different philosophies, or theories of financing the development of Barbados.  Over the past 50 years, each has tightly embraced their philosophy, even when it was clearly not working, convincing themselves that their theory was fundamental to Barbados’ existence. After our independence, […]

Governing By Fear or Faith

Some are surprised that the Government has increased taxes in the recent budget.  However this was to be expected since the direction that they are carrying us requires them to keep increasing taxes.  When the DLP administration formed the Government in 2008, they found themselves on an unsustainable economic path, where they had to raise […]

The Last Straw

After persons are incrementally burdened, there comes a time when the last load causes a severe reaction.  The last load may be relatively light and insignificant, but if it is the proverbial last straw, the entire load may be rejected by the burdened. A woman may be ill-treated for decades, and may appear to put […]

Why is the Private Sector Recommending Austerity?

Both established parties, some of the newer ones, and almost all Barbadian and foreign based economists are warning Barbadians to brace for severe austerity measures.  Several prominent economists are even calling for a devaluation of Barbados’ dollar as a way to address our dire economic problems.  Surprisingly, none of these entities are being challenged to […]

To Trade School With You

To trade school with you! Whenever examination result are announced in Barbados, there is the predictable call for fundamental changes to our educational system.  With approximately 60% of our secondary school students failing to achieve grades 1 or 2 CSEC passes, the system clearly need improving.  However, an analysis of the recommended changes reveals that […]

Andre Griffith

Dear Residents of St James North: My name is Andre Griffith and I am honoured that you would consider me to be your representative in Parliament. Let me say that help is on the way. This is not just another cliché, but an important promise that I am making to you as a fellow Bajan.  […]

Susan Corbin

Dear Residents of St Thomas: My name is Susan Corbin and I am honoured that you would consider me to represent you in Parliament. After spending 16 years working, mostly in the electronics industry, I then spent the next 17 years as a supervisor in almost every department of a highly successful international business company. […]

They Were Actually Promising Us Debt

Dear Readers: Our system of Government requires politicians to compete for our votes every general election, for the responsibility of managing Barbados’ economy.  However, rather than it being mainly a competition of management proposals, our politicians tended to compete by trying to out-promise their opponents.  In the past, we seemed not to realise that their […]

Hold On Barbados – Help Is Still On The Way

Celebrating 50 years of our political independence was an important national event that the Government should have been allowed to manage, without being distracted by constant criticism.  Given the foreseen economic challenges this year, it was also important that Barbadians be allowed to enjoy the Christmas and New Year celebrations.  With these events now behind […]

Free Workshop – How to Start and Grow a Home-based Business

We are gravely concerned about the employment prospects for many of our secondary school graduates who soon appear destined to join the ranks of the unemployed.  However, we are aware that simply expressing our concern does not help any of our graduates.  Neither does it help any of those currently unemployed, under-employed, or frustrated with […]

Implementation – Project Management

Implementation 1.  All existing Permanent Secretaries and their Deputies will be required to attend practical courses in Project Management. 2.  Project management will be one of the qualifications of the post of future Permanent Secretaries.

Implementation – Reasonable Regulations

Implementation 1.  All laws and regulations of Barbados will be posted on-line and linked to by every Government department web-site. 2.  If any Barbadian citizen or resident thinks that a regulation is unfair, then they may request its review by the advisory committee who shall make a recommendation to the Minister. 3.  If the Minister […]

Implementation – Advisory Committee

Implementation Each Minister will have an advisory committee that meets no later than quarterly, with the following members. one representative of each of the relevant professional associations, appointed by the professional association; the permanent secretary and deputy permanent secretary; any critical stakeholder of the issue under discussion; the Minister.

Implementation – Insurance claims

Implementation A 5th Schedule shall be added to the Insurance Act (CAP 310) specifying the following procedure for individual home, motor, health and life insurance claims. a)  Except in national emergencies where a significant number of similar claims are made, all claimants are to receive all benefits which are not in dispute within one month […]

Implementation – Regulation

Introduction The government already specifies posts that require qualifications to the level of Fellow of internationally recognised professional bodies (eg post of Actuary in CAP 308A). Implementation 1.  The qualifications of all regulatory posts will be included in the Civil Establishment Act (CAP 21) and published on-line. 2.  The basic capabilities of professional posts will […]

Implementation – Statutory Corporations

Implementation 1.  All statutory corporations that do not have up-to-date audited financial accounts and are not profitable will immediately be brought under the management of a Permanent Secretary. 2.  If the business still cannot be run profitably after one year, and it is not critical to the national interest, then it may be privatised.

Implementation – Political Victimization

Introduction Politicians by themselves cannot victimize an individual.  However, they can use a politicised public service.  While political victimization may not be eliminated, it can be discouraged with the loss of pension penalty. Implementation 1.  The Constitution of Barbados, Section 104, states that the Service Commission can recommend to the Governor General that the pension […]

Implementation – Removing Civil Service Apathy

Implementation 1.  The Constitutional amendments made in 1974 that effectively politicized the civil service will be removed. 2.  The Public Service Act notes that the role of the Public Service is to perform “with integrity, honesty and impartiality”.  Public servants are to reflect a public service that is “apolitical, impartial and professional; maintains the highest […]

Implementation – Lifetime Pension Magnet

Introduction The lucrative lifetime pension appears to be the principal incentive that attracts persons to elective politics, rather than a desire to serve.  This lifetime pension arrangement appears to explain the typical rude behaviour in parliament that would make most people unemployable. If the lucrative lifetime pension was abolished, then politicians would have the most […]

Implementation – ISO 9001 Quality Management

Introduction All Government funded services are to be managed within the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (ISO 9001).  ISO 9001 works by improving the satisfaction of customers by improving the product or service.  The product is improved by continuously improving the management of its development and delivery.  This is done by identifying the root causes […]

Brace for Impact

Managing our national economy can be likened to managing a home.  While there may be complaints about the food, washing, maintenance, and other services, if the mortgage loan is not repaid, then the occupants will suffer the trauma of being forced out of their home, and their previous complaints would become entirely irrelevant. We are […]

The case for a 3rd established political party has been made

Dear All: Thank you to all who attended last night’s lecture (7 April 2016) hosted by Walbrent College.  No one appeared to disagree that the case for a third established political party in Barbados had not been made.  With that issue settled, we now move forward to directly engaging the public. For those overseas who […]

No Experience Necessary

Dear Editor: Managing our national economy is the most important job in Barbados.  It also carries the greatest risk for us since failure at this job can send most of us into poverty.  Remarkably, managing our national economy requires no qualification of competence. Most of us are too busy working and managing our family and […]

Saving them from Themselves

Barbadian voters elect persons to represent their interests in Parliament.  Therefore, persons seeking election should be both capable and willing to represent the public interest.  Voters are responsible for judging the capabilities of the various candidates by reviewing their past achievements.  If voters knowingly select the least capable candidates, then it is fair to conclude […]

Saving them from Themselves

Barbadian voters elect persons to represent their interests in Parliament.  Therefore, persons seeking election should be both capable and willing to represent the public interest.  Voters are responsible for judging the capabilities of the various candidates by reviewing their past achievements.  If voters knowingly select the least capable candidates, then it is fair to conclude […]

Either All In or Fail

Perhaps the most common accusation thrown at any ruling political party in Barbados is mismanagement.  Why?  Because politicians are elected to properly manage the affairs of the country, and when government services are poorly managed, then the criticisms of mismanagement are justified. Every government service is an easy target of the accusation because when compared […]

Hold On Barbados – Help is on the Way.

Dear Editor: For decades, it has been well known that the main cause of the problems within the public service is poor management.  Every year, we are subjected to ever growing examples of poor management within the: judiciary, transport board, health, education, road maintenance, etc.  On and on for decades, and yet the solution is […]

Training to Manage Our National Economy

Dear Editor: Approximately once every 5 years, Barbadians select persons to manage their national affairs.  At the time of our independence, we received a debt-free island with well-maintained pubic infrastructure.  Fifty years later, our public services are generally poorly managed, and we are risking losing our country as a result of our unsustainable national debt.  […]

Employers as Candidates

Dear Editor: Allow me to respond to the concerns that some may have about employers offering themselves to the public as candidates for the next general elections.  Political operatives have dismissed the idea as a fatal flaw and they do not expect us to garner much support.  However, employers, employees, the unemployed and the unemployable […]

Response to Dr Tennyson Joseph

Dear Editor: Allow me to respond to Dr Tennyson Joseph’s concerns about employers as political candidates.  Dr Joseph used the classic debating tactic of redefining a critical concept to one that is popularly offensive, ascribing the offensive concept to his respondent, and then vehemently criticizing the offensive concept to the expected delight of the public.  […]

Squandering the Deficit

Those whom we have entrusted to manage our national economy have revealed their estimates of annual revenues and expenses.  They plan to spend approximately $1.6B more than what they expect to receive.  This deficit can represent a strategic $1.6B investment.  However, a review of the estimates shows that only a fraction of the excess spending […]

Free Public Lecture and Discussion

You are invited to a free Public Presentation: – SOLUTIONS BARBADOS –  The Case (Justification) for a Third Political Party. Date: Thursday 7th April 2016 Time:  6:00 pm Venue: Combermere School Hall Presenter: Grenville W Phillips II BSc, BEng, MASc, MURP, CEng, FIStructE, FCIHT, MAPM, MCSCE, MBAPE All are welcome to an entertaining and thought […]


WANTED Accomplished men and women of demonstrated integrity and leadership, who love Barbados, treasure their reputations, and are willing to present themselves as candidates in the next general election in order to give Barbadians a competent alternative.  Prospective candidates must not view politics as a career, but as a brief time of exemplary national service.  […]