Free Workshop – How to Start and Grow a Home-based Business

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1525923926604{padding-top: 30px !important;padding-right: 30px !important;padding-bottom: 50px !important;padding-left: 30px !important;background-color: #ffffff !important;}”]We are gravely concerned about the employment prospects for many of our secondary school graduates who soon appear destined to join the ranks of the unemployed.  However, we are aware that simply expressing our concern does not help any of our graduates.  Neither does it help any of those currently unemployed, under-employed, or frustrated with their employment.

The foreseen problem is an increase in illegal acts by desperate persons who think that they are out of options.  One obvious preventative solution is to train individuals to start and grow profitable businesses, thus providing them with a viable option – and a tangible hope.  Ideally, this training should commence after the secondary school examinations and finish before the end of this school term.

We have identified and published workable solutions to the major problems hindering Barbados’ development at  All of the solutions require Government to manage the implementation of the solution, except this one.  To implement this solution, the public, especially graduating students and those currently unemployed, are invited to a free workshop where they will be trained to start home-based businesses, with little to no start-up money.  The training is scheduled to start on Monday 20th  June at 6:00 pm sharp in the Combermere School Hall, and run for 3 weeks.

No business experience or academic qualifications are required.  However, participants should bring a pen and paper to take notes and write their ideas.  It should be clarified that participants will be trained to start and grow profitable businesses that they can operate from their homes.  The workshop is not an academic exercise about writing business plans.  Rather, participants are expected to start operating their new businesses during the workshop.

If you know anyone who is: unemployed, under-employed, engaging in illegal activity because they feel that they have no other options, wasting time on the block, or a former prison inmate who cannot find employment, then please encourage them not to squander this opportunity.

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Implementation – Reasonable Regulations


1.  All laws and regulations of Barbados will be posted on-line and linked to by every Government department web-site.

2.  If any Barbadian citizen or resident thinks that a regulation is unfair, then they may request its review by the advisory committee who shall make a recommendation to the Minister.

3.  If the Minister rejects their recommendation, then the advisory committee may appeal to Cabinet.

4.  Cabinet decisions shall be final.

Implementation – Advisory Committee


Each Minister will have an advisory committee that meets no later than quarterly, with the following members.

  1. one representative of each of the relevant professional associations, appointed by the professional association;
  2. the permanent secretary and deputy permanent secretary;
  3. any critical stakeholder of the issue under discussion;
  4. the Minister.


Implementation – Insurance claims


A 5th Schedule shall be added to the Insurance Act (CAP 310) specifying the following procedure for individual home, motor, health and life insurance claims.

a)  Except in national emergencies where a significant number of similar claims are made, all claimants are to receive all benefits which are not in dispute within one month of the application being made.

b)  Within 3 months of the application for benefits, the claimant should receive the remaining benefits, except if the Court has granted the insurance company specified additional time to further investigate and determine a claim (for example, in cases of suspected fraud, or exceptionally complex claims).